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Mpouzoukia, Greece Nightlife Safety Tips

Parties offer an incredible way for people to reconnect with their friends and loved ones. With partying, you have a chance to enjoy yourself and spent time away from work. But where alcohol plus other drugs are involved, risky behaviour becomes more likely. And this includes things such as excessive drinking, getting injured, driving while drunk, drink spiking, alcohol poisoning, non-consensual sex, and getting into fights. Remember, your safety is key. Plus, your health is your wealth. Party in moderation and stay safe. Along these lines, here are top partying tips.

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Plan Ahead

To party safely, plan ahead. It’s easier to make thoughtful decisions before things get tough. Be sure to stay close to those you trust and ask them to look out for you. Let them know that you’ll also do the same for them. Figure out how you’re going to return home- have some cash for a taxi or organize for someone to pick you up.

Before leaving home, ensure that you eat well. And if you’re going to drink alcohol, do it in moderation. Set a limit and stick to it.

Safe partying tips

While you’re out, don’t allow others to top up your drinks. Always o for low alcohol options and once you’re reached your limit, keep yourself occupied with water or a soft drink. Purchase your own drinks and carefully watch the bartender open them. Keep a close eye on your drink and if you’ve to leave it unattended, get a new one once you’re back. Don’t mix alcohol with other drugs.

Avoiding potentially violent situations

Alcohol can make you violent or aggressive. And this can lead to physical fights as well as assault. So, pace yourself in order to avoid losing control. Partying is all about having fun and relaxing your mind. Thus, avoid getting into verbal arguments even if someone aggressively confronts you. Simply walk away.

Decide with your friends beforehand to take care of each other. If things take the wrong turn, move away from the situation. Again, don’t go off with someone you’ve just met. It’s good to socialize but always stay in a public place. And if they interest you, take their phone number.

Avoiding Drug Overdose

Drugs can cause serious health issues, including overdose. Mixing alcohol and drugs increases your risk of overdose. Alcohol has powerful depressant effects that can easily suppress the effects of stimulant drugs. You should also avoid sharing needles as this might lead to serious infections.

Learn about drugs and their side effects. Tell a friend what you’re taking if you plan to take an illegal drug. In case of an emergency, they’ll inform the ambulance staff. Don’t keep things to yourself.

The Bottom-Line

Stay safe this holiday. Party in style with the above tips. Party in Box Athens—one of the best clubs in Greece. With the above tips, you can enjoy yourself while partying. Avoid drug overdose. Stay away from violent situations. Also, remember to plan ahead. Party safely.



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Written by Marcus Richards

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