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3 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Business Relationships

Starting a small business may seem self-explanatory based on the important tasks that you need to do to be successful. Some of those tasks could be related to handling the company’s finances, securing a business location, or determining what products you want to provide to customers. However, an important aspect to consider is how you plan to give your business relationships a personal touch to maintain your clientele. If this strategy is something you seem to be struggling to figure out, learn about a few ways to turn new customers into regular customers.

Use Personalized Communications

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Use real people to keep customer service more personable and make other forms of communications personalized as well. You can ask for customers’ phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses to send materials to them, such as coupons, promotional offers, and physical or electronic newsletters. Another way to personalize the customer experience is to send out cards during certain holidays or simply thank them for their business. Showing your customers some appreciation with something as small as a “thank you” can build a business relationship more than you can imagine.

Keep In Touch via Social Media

The world revolves around technology, and social media is something that everyone seems to use. Businesses, especially small ones, can take advantage of this fact to increase sales and future success. By creating social media accounts and alerting customers that they can reach your business through these platforms, they can make a connection with your business. Your present and future clientele will recognize the opportunity that you’re taking to make yourself more accessible. Customers will realize that your business is more than simply about making money. You want to get to know your customers and give them more ways to communicate with you besides through a telephone line.

Offer Customer Service with Real People

Larger businesses today use automated voice messages to greet customers and help facilitate where the calls should be directed. While this approach may seem like a good strategy to make solving problems easier, it takes away from the relationship between business owner and customer. For your small business, it’s best to keep a phone call or other form of communication personal by having real people answer any inquiry or comment. Whether it’s you or one of your employees, customers will feel as though their issues or concerns were taken seriously and that their business with you is important.

Owning a small business during a time when many people shop at big-name stores or turn to e-commerce platforms may seem overwhelming or risky. Nevertheless, people still want to support others’ dreams and make purchases at places where they know their money is going. By giving your business relationships a few personal touches and maintaining these relationships, you’ll be giving your business more chances at success in its growth and development. These seemingly small efforts will produce a better and brighter future than you could have imagined possible for your business.


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Written by Marcus Richards

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