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5 Most Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Horse to Bet on in 2022

Success in horse race betting lies in how great you are at choosing the right horse to bet on. Many can participate in such an activity, but only those who learned the nuts and bolts have better chances of winning. Therefore, if you want to be successful in horse race betting, it is best that you study on how to bet correctly.

The first step is learning about the factors to consider when picking a horse during a race. Knowing how to do it properly will help you increase your chance of winning and profiting from your bet.

Below we list five things that you should consider when you start choosing which horse to bet on.

The Odds of the Race

You might already know that one thing that most bettors look at is the odds when placing a wager on a horse race. The favorite horse to win the race has the lowest odds, and everyone follows according to their popularity. However, expert punters consider other factors when analyzing the breakdown of odds.

Aside from popularity, other factors influence the odds in a race. It can be the condition, the trainer, the jockey, and many more. However, remember that the favorite doesn’t always win the race when checking for the odds. Sometimes, the underdog will provide you with an unpredictable outcome.

Numbers of Days Since Last Race

When choosing a horse to bet on, it is best to consider these patterns. Most of the time, horses show patterns in their form that are based on the last day they run in a race. These trends might match a trainer’s approach, but looking at the horse’s racing history following a specific absence is always helpful.

Some horses perform their best when they haven’t run for a while. Others perform better after being in a recent race as they can reach their optimal fitness if running more often.

You should look closely at how the horses perform in each circumstance and choose a horse accordingly.

The Jockey of the Horse

The horse’s rider also has a considerable role in the success of the contender. You can even see the jockey’s names on the horse’s form, which means how significant this thing is when betting on a horse. Often, the best jockeys are offered to ride the best horse.

In short, if you see the name of Irad Ortiz Jr. or Joel Rosario in a horse’s form, the horse they are riding is amongst the best in the lineup. This data needs to be analyzed to offer a well-rounded betting option.

It would also be best to conduct a background check on the jockey riding the horses in a race. This way, you can completely understand the jockey’s ability to ride the horse to victory.

Running Style of the Horse

Each horse has their own character. However, you have to consider that in the equine world, few horses can thrive in the most challenging race, while others might prefer to have an easy ride and curl up when engaged in a long race.

Furthermore, these characteristics indicate the running style of the horses. Additionally, these personalities can also affect how the horses are ridden. Sharp-turning runners and those who accelerate quickly tend to be held up toward the back of the field. By conserving energy at the beginning of the race, they may use their power burst to their best advantage later on.

Meanwhile, horses that have the insufficient capability to shift gears abruptly but can maintain their pace for a more extended period can be seen riding in the front since they are capable of grinding out their races.

The Horse’s Form

Understanding the horse’s form is vital in increasing your chance of choosing the winning horse. The form is intended to give an overview of the horse’s recent races without necessarily going through in-depth research of the horse’s biographies.

Understanding the form will also give you an edge over amateur bettors that don’t know how to read the form correctly. So, if you want to become a successful horse race bettor, one of the tasks that you should study is reading the form.

Figuring out how to increase your chance of choosing the winning horse in a race is vital in successful horse race betting.

After figuring out what wager type you will pursue when betting, you must take time to ponder the mentioned factors above. If you are not yet familiar with the different wager types, you can visit tvg to learn more and understand the betting process further.

Final Words

If you plan to participate in any horse race betting in the future, you must first improve your betting skills, starting by studying how you can improve your chance of betting on a winning horse. Betting sounds easy, but if you want to boost your chance of winning, you must slow down and take the time to understand its fundamentals.

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Written by Maguire Haigh

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