Terms To Know When Purchasing Pressure Switches

Pressure switches are critical components used in various industries; they play an essential role in monitoring and controlling fluid systems’ pressures. These switches activate or deactivate at predetermined pressure levels, ensuring the smooth operation of equipment like pumps and compressors. When it comes to purchasing these vital devices, understanding industry-specific terms is crucial. Discover the most important terms to know when purchasing pressure switches.

Pressure Range

The term pressure range refers to the spectrum of pressure values that a switch can measure, control, or regulate. It is a significant aspect to consider when selecting a pressure switch, as it indicates the minimum and maximum pressure levels the switch can handle. A pressure switch must function within these limits for optimal performance and longevity.

Set Point

The set point is the specific pressure level at which the switch activates or deactivates. This point is often adjustable to cater to different operational requirements. When the system’s pressure reaches this set point, the switch triggers a response, either activating or deactivating a circuit. Understanding and correctly setting the set point is crucial for maintaining the desired pressure levels in a system.

Overpressure & Burst Pressure

Overpressure is the maximum pressure that a switch can endure without causing any damage to its functionality or structure. On the other hand, burst pressure refers to the absolute maximum pressure the switch can tolerate before it ruptures or experiences catastrophic failure. Both these terms are vital safety considerations when choosing a pressure switch. They help prevent damage to the switch and potentially dangerous situations due to overpressurization.

Media Compatibility

Media compatibility relates to the types of media or substances that the switch can come into contact with without experiencing damage or reduced performance. This could include gases, liquids, or specific chemicals used in industrial processes. Ensuring that the pressure switch is compatible with the media in your system is essential for maintaining its accuracy, reliability, and lifespan.

Understanding these key terms significantly impacts the decision-making process when purchasing pressure switches. Along with knowing the differences between pressure switches and transducers, this information will help you choose the right pressure switches for optimal system performance.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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