Which Fragrance Is Best for Your Commercial Bathroom

As a building/facility owner, it’s your responsibility to maintain a clean, functional, and inviting restroom for all patrons. One way to improve the bathroom experience is by using air fresheners to mask less-than-pleasant smells. Unfortunately, there’s an endless supply of potential air freshener scents to consider buying, making it difficult to know which fragrance is best for your commercial bathroom.

The Importance of a Quality Fragrance

Before we dive into the best scents for your building’s restroom, it’s essential that you understand the importance of using air fresheners and finding quality fragrances. Even the most well-maintained bathrooms succumb to unsavory smells from time to time, and good freshener products can help mask these odors. And maintaining a good-smelling bathroom area reflects well on your business. So what constitutes a quality fragrance? Basically, the most effective scents are ones that mask the unpleasant smell without overpowering the nose.

Scent I: Vanilla

Vanilla is a strong yet pleasant smell that works great in smellier areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms. A complex vanilla fragrance is effective at overpowering odors without being too offensive. Additionally, vanilla possesses some calming effects, making it a popular option for spa and mall bathrooms. As an added bonus, this air freshener smell is long-lasting, ensuring a pleasant commercial restroom experience all day long!

Scent II: Lavender

Lavender, like vanilla, may encourage rest and relaxation, making it the perfect fragrance for a commercial restroom. Furthermore, this scent is exceptional at distracting the nose away from stinky odors. Lavender is less offensive than vanilla, so consider using it in smaller restrooms with only a few stalls.

Scent III: Seasonal Scents

While vanilla and lavender are perhaps the best masking scents for your bathroom, that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your air fresheners. For instance, consider implementing seasonal fragrances every few months to keep your commercial restroom fresh and inviting. Ocean-breeze smells are perfect for the summer as they overpower odors with a cool, refreshing scent. Alternatively, switch to apple and cinnamon fragrances in the fall to create a cozier, more comfortable environment.

Now that you know which fragrance is best for your commercial bathroom, you can provide a better environment for your patrons. Just remember to replace these scents when necessary to ensure a suitable restroom environment every single time.

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Written by Logan Voss

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