Easy Tips for Organizing Your Video Conference Background

Being on a video conference is a common way to communicate with team members over long distances, but neglecting a good video backdrop can have embarrassing results. Although backdrop mishaps can happen, avoiding such situations is easy with a few tips. Look below to learn three easy ways to organize your video conference background to maintain a professional, appropriate atmosphere.

Keep It Simple

Whether you’re conferencing from the office or home, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to add some uniqueness to the background. From plants to artwork, you can decorate with various items, but you should always keep it simple. First, littering the background with personal items can make your setup appear more like a Twitch stream than a conference. Plus, a background that’s too visually loud may distract everyone else in the video conference, causing them to miss parts of your presentation.

If you want to go with a blank wall as your background, there’s nothing wrong with that—there’s no competition for the most efficiently attractive video conference backdrop. However, being careful with your backdrop is one of the best tips for creating professional video conference setups because the wrong background can send the wrong message.

Keep It Unoffensive

Steps like these are why this is a list of easy tips for organizing your video conference background instead of a laborious set of tasks. All you have to do is look at your background and see if there’s anything offensive, such as an open web browser behind you that’s on an offensive video.

Even if the intention behind something is innocent, such as a humorous motivational poster you have in your home office, consider if someone could misconceive it as being offensive. If you’re unsure, take it down or cover it up, and consider redesigning your home office through a more work-appropriate lens.

Keep It Warm

At home, you may not always have access to ideal lighting conditions. That said, if you know that a video call is happening soon, try to find a spot that provides a warmly lit background, whether from an overhead bulb or the sun shining outside.

A well-lit video background will help create a more professional, inviting, office-like environment. Even if everyone is communicating from their own homes, small touches like good lighting can perfectly capture that professional atmosphere you should strive for every time. Use these tips to organize your background before any call to keep everyone comfortable, focused, and ready to work together.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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