Top Solar Trends Right Around the Corner for 2023

Solar is all the rage. It’ll continue to progress in popularity as the years go by. So what are some of the solar trends right around the corner for 2023? Read on to discover more as we dive into everything from solar farms to solar fabrics.

Floating Solar Farms

Believe it or not, humans don’t have much in the form of land. We’re a steadily growing force on the planet, slowly spreading to inhabitable regions with the rise of technology and industrialism. So what do we do when we want to install solar panels but don’t want to take up real estate? Start a floating solar farm.

Called “floatovoltaics,” floating farms operate as solar power systems that float on dams and other bodies of water, even the ocean. They can generate astonishing amounts of electricity without taking up valuable land. For a company looking to maximize its physical location and leave space for expansion, floating solar farms are the way to go if there’s a body of water around. How much it’ll cost is entirely calculated on a case-by-case basis, since many things factor into thecost of commercial solar panels.However, you can expect to pay a pretty penny. Don’t worry, though—the costs are entirely worth it.

Solar Skins

Solar skins are purely cosmetic. Think of them like the ads you see on bus windows. You place the skin over your solar panel and customize it according to your wishes. It’s just as efficient and effective as our “non-skin” alternatives. You can get printed custom images put on them, which could mean business logos, a flag, or whatever you feel is pertinent for the growth of your building. As ad space, you can’t get much better than a solar panel. Solar skins make branding a cinch.

Solar Fabric

Solar fabrics are a new development. Researchers are working to develop fabrics that include solar power in your clothing fibers that can help you charge your devices on the go. Solar filaments can be embedded in any clothing item or can come custom-made. They can power your phone or tablet, and even recharge your portable battery. The uses are endless and fascinating. This is truly an exciting trend that’s right around the corner for 2023.

In short, there are many reasons why you might want to stay abreast of the changes in solar power. Hopefully, you’ll consider working with it after reading more about the exciting trends that are progressing. Regardless, we hope we’ve piqued your interest!

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Written by Logan Voss

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