Different Garden Plants That Can Grow in the Winter

Most people associate warm seasons like spring and summer with gardening, as these are the times of the year when plants are happiest, thanks to all that sun exposure and great weather. However, there are many different garden plants that can grow in the winter. Some of these plants are even meant for winter harvests. Read on to discover the best crops for your outdoor garden that’ll survive harsh weather.


Carrots aren’t just a spring-time crop; when harvested during the winter months, carrots feature a unique, sweet flavor that pairs perfectly with seasonal dishes or serves as a healthy snack. This flavor is enhanced after multiple fall frosts. Make sure you plant a crop cover with your carrot seeds to protect the roots from adverse weather events.


Kale is king when it comes to winter-time plants. Multiple varieties of kale do well in cold weather, and the autumn frosts even help boost their flavor. The texture is also much more tender, making it an amazing option for salads or soups.


Spinach is actually best harvested during and following the winter. The seeds grow faster and healthier during shorter days, and the flavor is enhanced during seasonal frosts. You can easily harvest your spinach from your backyard garden all winter long and use it for yummy salads or healthy smoothies.


If you want delicious, fresh seasoning even during the harsh months of winter, arugula is the right plant for your backyard garden. Start planting seeds every two weeks, starting in the fall. That way, you’ll have a steady supply of arugula for months! Plus, winter-harvest outdoor arugula has a very pleasant, robust taste.

Just because the sunny days of summer are quickly disappearing doesn’t mean you have to stop your gardening endeavors. Stock up on a few of these different garden plants and ensure your backyard plot grows delicious food all winter long. Just make sure you properly prepare your garden for winter before sowing new crops.

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Written by Logan Voss

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