Must-Have Supplies for Your Office and Business

Your business wouldn’t be complete without the right supplies and equipment. Learn which must-have supplies to stock in your office before you start hiring more employees. Hiring more employees means you need more supplies, so make sure you have enough to go around.

Consumable Supplies

Consumable office supplies include anything that you use daily in the office. Because you and your employees always use these supplies, these are also the materials that you’ll tend to go through most quickly. Make sure that supplies such as paper, notebooks, filing folders, writing utensils, paper clips, and more are always in stock in your supply closet. Keep a list circulating throughout the office that employees can use to note when they run out of a certain item. This will ensure that everyone communicates what they need before your next office-wide supply run.

Technology and Accessories

No business can run efficiently without the right technology. Obviously, your office will need equipment like PCs, laptops, printers, extra monitors, office phones, and more. Also, remember the various accessories, cables, and maintenance supplies that you’ll need alongside these technological advancements. You might also want to consider ordering extra computer parts and accessories to have in the event of a technology malfunction. Another accessory you’ll want to keep well-stocked is printer ink. You won’t be able to print orders, invoices, documents, and more without plenty of ink on hand.

Security Equipment

Every office building should have security equipment, such as cameras, alarms, and locks built into the building and surrounding property. But when it comes to business security, did you know that having the right paper shredder can be just as important for protecting your business? Depending on your industry, you may need to find a high-security NSA-approved shredder with the right qualities. Don’t let thieves and dumpster divers take advantage of your confidential business information—always thoroughly shred personal documents before tossing or recycling them.

While most business owners know about the basic office supplies that keep their businesses running, it’s easy to forget about some of the smaller accessories and supplies. Remember to stock these must-have supplies for your office and business before you start hiring more people than your inventory can support.

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Written by Logan Voss

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