Top Equipment Used in Commercial Cannabis Harvesting

If you own or operate a commercial cannabis farm, it’s important to streamline the harvesting process. Like any business, you want to maximize efficiency while maintaining quality.

Grow your business with the right tools. Read about the top equipment used in commercial cannabis harvesting.

Drying Rack

Growers dry cannabis to prevent mold and mildew growth. Proper drying techniques result in potent buds that retain their color. Improper techniques can dry the buds unevenly and lead to mold growth, less potency, and an uneven burn.

Using drying racks, as opposed to hang drying, can help you increase your yield and save space in your facility. Choose drying racks that allow for ample air circulation while maintaining a low humidity level. This will help you lose as few buds as possible, avoiding waste and increasing yield predictability.

Bud Bucker

Production sites can remove extra leaf matter from flowers in a process called trimming. You can accomplish trimming when the leaves are dry or wet.

If you want to trim efficiently, use a debudder. A debudder machine can gently remove cannabis buds from the stem without damaging the bud. The machine can harvest over 40 pounds of fresh flower or over 10 pounds of dried buds every hour. And with two operators at the machine, you can nearly double throughput.

Bud Sorter

The next important piece of equipment used in commercial cannabis harvesting is the bud sorter. Where the flowers grow on the plant influence how much light and nutrients they receive, and these factors influence their size. Flowers that don’t receive as many nutrients endure more hardship, and they’re also small. Larger flowers received more nutrients and have more potency.

Consumers want consistent products that meet their quality expectations. It’s important to sort your buds correctly. Use a bud sorter to organize buds into shake, popcorn, small, medium, and large sizes. Then, touch up the product and package it for sale.

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Written by Logan Voss

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