Large Farming: Heavy Equipment You’ll Need on a Farm

Starting any medium or large farm takes a lot more than what simple farm tools can bring. To really grow to your full potential, you’re going to need a lot of heavy equipment that can manage the larger job with relative ease. Here’s a simple look at the heavy equipment you’ll need on a farm.

The Tractor

When it comes to planting and large farm management, it’s impossible to beat the usefulness of a tractor. These vehicles are amazing for everything, from prepping the land to harvesting. You can’t realistically plant everything by hand, and a tractor can help you manage the impossible task with ease.

Tractor Accessories

A tractor isn’t enough by itself and will need a lot of attachments to fully function as a mainstay vehicle of your farm. That’s why investing in some tractor accessories like a tiller or a planter can help your tractor accomplish the goals you set. These are major parts of a good tractor and are necessary for larger farms.

Heavy Machine Parts

Before moving on to the other pieces of heavy equipment, know that each machine here needs routine maintenance for the safety of the driver and the efficiency of the vehicle. Performing preventative maintenance on your equipment can prevent accidents and extend the lifetime of the equipment. So make sure you keep around extra parts, like a spare planetary final drive part, for your equipment.

The Pickup Truck

No farm can run without a proper vehicle for the transportation of items and heavy loads. A pickup truck is generally the perfect vehicle for handling these tough jobs and can travel as far as you need it to go. With plenty of storage space and great off- and on-road capabilities, the pickup truck is a piece of heavy equipment you’ll need on a farm.

Utility Terrain Vehicles

Although a pickup truck is a capable vehicle, it doesn’t always fit the bill as the best vehicle for the moment. For short distances across the farm, the best vehicle is likely a utility terrain vehicle or UTV. These small vehicles can carry a lot of weight and work amazingly on every part of a farm. They’re perfect for normal day-to-day traveling and hauling farming necessities for regular operation.

These are the heavier equipment and vehicles your farm will need for success. There are many different problems you need to solve for a successful farm, and these are the tools that can best help you.

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Written by Logan Voss

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