3 Simple Ways To Become Better at Welding

Metalwork is a fun, rewarding activity that takes attention to detail, a steady hand, and a love for hands-on manipulation. Whether you’re a professional working in a fabrication warehouse or simply a weekend enthusiast welding in the garage, there are plenty of methods for improving your craft. Here are the three simple ways to become better at welding.

Basic Techniques

A welder is nothing without proper metalwork techniques. So, what are these methods? For starters, you’ll need to get comfortable using measuring tools and equipment. This is a very important aspect of welding, so retain a basic understanding of math and develop a keen eye. Secondly, learn when to push and pull metal through a cutting device. Push when the metal is clean, and pull when it starts producing slag. Get used to consistently cleaning the nozzle of your weld gun, as this helps with efficiency and accuracy. Lastly, always hammer off slag when you see it.

Understand the Dangers

The better you understand various hazards present in the workshop, the quicker you’ll recognize them and adequately resolve issues. There are many dangers present in welding, including significant cuts and abrasions, burns (both chemical and physical), and eye damage. Plus, the presence of toxic fumes means your internal organs are at risk of illness, injury, or worse. Make sure you stay aware of all hazards and work consistently to make the warehouse safer for everyone.

Practice, Practice, Practice

There’s no easier way to hone your skills than repetition. This both increases your muscle memory and mental speed. With enough practice, you’ll be an efficient machine in the warehouse. Try your hand at welding every weekend, if possible. Challenge yourself with various tasks—even ones that push you out of your comfort zone. Lastly, research the industry as much as possible to receive better insight. There are many videos and articles available online that serve as excellent resources.

With these three simple ways to become better at welding, you can further enjoy this fantastic hobby. Additionally, you might even nab a professional job working in a fast-paced warehouse!

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Written by Logan Voss

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