4 Ways To Clean Up Any Construction Site

You can’t construct a new building without making a huge mess, which is why keeping a clean construction site is so crucial. A tidy construction site will keep your crew healthy and safe. If the site is a total mess, you risk accidents, such as trips and falls. The last thing you want is your site to be a minefield of debris and equipment.

Luckily, you can keep a clean construction site without too much effort. Here are four ways to clean up any construction site.

Clean Up Your Debris 

Every construction site needs clear pathways for the crew to work. Before starting work, designate all walking and working surfaces. Let everyone know that they can’t store equipment or throw away garbage in these areas. That will help you keep work areas and walking paths clean and free of hazards during the day.

Beyond informing everyone of the policy, you should make a few passes each day to look for debris. Picking it up and throwing it away as you go will save you time later on.

Also, check local recycling regulations. Many states require construction companies to recycle materials such as wood and drywall. To keep track of it all, rent a few dumpsters. Designate one of them for recycling and another for general waste.

Store Materials and Equipment Safely  

Does your crew have a bad habit of leaving things lying around? If so, it’s time to put your foot down about it. Leaving plywood, tools, and tile just lying around can cause accidents. Train your crew to use proper storage areas all the time. If you don’t have dedicated storage spaces, keep materials and tools in a separate, designated section, marked off with caution tape or other barriers.

Clear the Site of Hazards 

Before work begins, inspect the site. More often than not, you’ll identify a few hazards that you can clear out of the way. Protruding nails, sharp pipes, and loose wires can cause accidents. You can avoid many potential issues by doing a quick check before getting started.

Keep Extension Cords Out of the Way   

Extension cords are often necessary on construction sites. Yet, they can be cumbersome and cause trips and falls. Keep all extension cords out of your primary walkways. If you have to run them through work areas, then ensure they’re elevated and clearly visible. 

These four ways to clean up any construction site should help you. You know now how to plan a new construction site and keep an existing construction site clean and safe. Construction is hard work, and cleaning up adds to the workload. But staying clean and organized is a must if you want to avoid workplace accidents. Remember to inspect the site, choose work areas, use proper storage, and keep cords out of the way.

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Written by Logan Voss

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