Tips for Improving Speed Service in Your Restaurant

Running a restaurant is a timely and expensive investment. However, once you get the ball rolling and find success, your restaurant will become your pride and joy. But before you get there, you must make sure that everything runs smoothly.

That’s especially true for service speed and keeping your customers happy. So here are a few tips for improving speed service in your restaurant.

Provide Hands-On POS Training

Whether you’ve just opened a new restaurant or hired new staff, having the team train with the POS system will benefit your service speed greatly. So a tip for improving speed service in your restaurant is ensuring that the cashiers have a proper understanding of entering accurate orders and that they process transactions properly.

With the proper training, they’ll handle minor issues with the POS system while keeping a consistent workflow. From there, they’ll have fewer adverse customer service incidents. It’s also essential for your staff to become familiar with the menu, including the QR ordering menu.

Implement a Great Layout

One of the most important aspects of keeping customers and staff happy is proper flow throughout the restaurant. Dining tables and chairs must not get caught in the walkways or lines. You don’t want to have chairs or tables sitting too close to one another, as they can cause trip hazards.

So make sure to space out your layout and establish where the seating, ordering area, and staff reside. Performing practice runs with your team will help them better understand how to maneuver between tables and not cause traffic buildups.

Improve Inventory Forecasting

There are times when a restaurant owner will schedule too many employees on a slow day or not have enough food prepped for dinner hours. These situations can cause a loss in revenue and increase the staff’s stress, so it’s necessary to have forecasting for your establishment.

Many POS systems have forecasting features that can help streamline the projecting process, providing owners with accurate sales data reports. Forecasting will improve speed by helping maintain a well-stocked inventory, up-to-date work schedules for your employees, and so on.

Maintain Order Accuracy

Order accuracy will keep your customers happy and allow your staff to maintain service speed in your restaurant. Ensuring that orders remain accurate will prevent the kitchen staff from sacrificing extra time to remake the order.

Additionally, order accuracy will prevent food waste and decrease the wait time for customers. Having the waiter repeat the order back to the customer will prevent future mistakes.

Your restaurant will thrive and have a positive reputation with successful service speeds. The better your service, the more customers will show up and eat your delicious menu items.

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Written by Logan Voss

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