Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the Golf Cart Enthusiast

Buying for someone who seems to have everything is hard. However, we can make it so much easier with our ultimate holiday gift guide for the golf cart enthusiast. Below, you’ll find everything from golf cart accessories to style pieces and items that they can use in their workspace or home. Let’s dive right in with gift suggestions.


Purchasing accessories can help elevate the functionality of the golf cart. Examples of such items include improved wheels for off-roading excursions and seat heaters to keep others warm during excellent night drives. Here’s a list of the best must-haves for golf cart enthusiasts who like to accessorize their golf carts.

Seat Heater

As mentioned above, a seat heater can help keep the driver and passengers warm on cool mornings or evenings. Additionally, if a loved one lives in a colder climate most of the year, a rechargeable seat heater can be perfect.


Wheels are must-haves for people who do plenty of off-roading in the warm months. Golf cart wheels come in many sizes, styles, and colors. Wheels make the best holiday gifts for those who own a golf cart.


Every golf cart connoisseur enjoys stylizing their vehicle. So help them liven up their style more by purchasing something they’ll want to use over and over again. Whether you get seat covers or light kits, there are plenty of items to gift a golf cart stylist who wants to enhance the appearance of their golf car.

Seat Covers

If the seats are dirty and difficult to clean, that can end with new seat covers. Many chair covers come with cushioning to make every ride comfortable and even make messes bearable. The seat covers slip on and can even go over the armrests.

Light Kit

While shopping for a light kit, ensure that your purchased equipment can make the golf cart street legal. In other words, if it includes signals for turns and brake lights, you’re good to go. Additionally, under-dash lights are great statement pieces for evening drives.


Even while away from their golf cart, your golf cart-loving friend won’t need to stop thinking about their beloved vehicle with these items. Help keep their mind on it with fun décor items or a barometer to use while driving.


There’s a throw pillow for everything and different canvas art, too. So, if you want to be unique, purchase a throw pillow with a golf cart or a canvas painting of a golf cart.


A barometer can track the weather, time, and humidity levels to help golf cart riders determine the best activity to do at a particular time and place. Therefore, a barometer is a perfect gift to use while camping with friends and family.

No matter the gift you choose from our ultimate holiday gift guide for the golf cart enthusiast, the most important thing will be that the present came from you. Even if you aren’t into golf carts, knowing this information can help fulfill that one person on your gift shopping list.

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Written by Logan Voss

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