Ideas for Creating a Healthy Office Space

Whether it’s at home or in a building downtown, you may have an office that’s perfectly minimalistic and efficient. But is it good for your health? Some office spaces make it harder to get the job done because of a lack of health consciousness. This can lead to more people becoming sick and injured. Furthermore, such a work area can be a generally unpleasant environment. When you think about it, a healthy office is a more productive and enjoyable one! Here are a few ideas for creating a healthy office space

Create a Culture of Cleanliness

If you work in an office building, it’s likely there’s already a crew working there to keep the floors vacuumed, the desks tidy, and the bathrooms clean. Even so, everyone should be aware of the necessity of maintaining a clean work area. Encourage people to pick up trash, wipe down their workspaces, clear wastebaskets, and avoid leaving crumbs and spills behind after meals. At home, you may not have a crew, but you’re entirely capable of enforcing your own cleanliness mandate on yourself. A clean workspace means fewer germs, pests, and opportunities for accidents!

Improve the Air

Clean air is always refreshing. A cool breeze from outside can lift your spirits and encourage you to persevere and perform well. Leave a few windows open when the weather allows so that your home office retains a bright, breezy, and healthy climate. A window shield from Allergy Guard might also be a good option. In this way, people can breathe fresh air without worrying about bringing pollutants into their homes and offices. At the office, you may not be able to open a window—few skyscrapers permit it—but it’s worth asking your employer to invest in air purifiers. Air purifiers clean up the air, removing dust, pollutants, and allergy-inducing elements from the air you breathe every day. Desktop and larger models are available and can help cut down on the particles that might make you and your coworkers sick.

Plants Add Life

If you’re still looking for more ideas for creating a healthy office space, consider the importance of plants around the office. Plants naturally take in all the carbon dioxide you expel and turn it into healthy oxygen, freshening and purifying the air. But don’t underestimate how plants make a space far more lively and cheerful while adding fresh scents to the area. Think of them as leafy green coworkers looking out for you and your good health!

Hydration Nation

If you want to get healthier, replace all the beverages you drink during the day with clear, cold water, whether they’re tea, coffee, soda pop, or sports drinks. It’s almost impossible to drink too much water, and your body is always in need of it. Water keeps you hydrated, helps in eating and digestion, keeps out harmful bacteria and other nasty things, and so much more. Drink about 64 ounces a day. Ask your employer if they’d consider sponsoring water bottles for all employees and providing a water cooler or dispenser to keep those bottles full!

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Written by Logan Voss

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