The Importance of Buying Accurate Livestock Scales

In the business of raising and breeding cattle, many tools can make or break your operation’s success. Of all the tools, livestock scales might seem pretty straightforward to newcomers, but they bring a lot to the table. Read on to learn the importance of buying accurate livestock scales for business needs.

Ensure Reputable Business

When working with livestock, following the proper industry regulations is key to running a reputable company. For instance, the USDA-enforced Packers and Stockyards Act has strict guidelines regarding the types of scales you can use for business. Though this might sound inconvenient, such regulations are in effect to keep companies honest and transparent.

That said, several different factorsaffect scale accuracy, so implement a consistent employee training program and device inspection schedule. That way, you can ensure simple issues don’t cause substantial problems in your weighing applications.

Determine Livestock Health

Keeping an eye on livestock weight is essential to your operation because it tells you critical details about the animal’s health. For example, animals that gain weight at a healthy, consistent pace are optimal for breeding; you can’t monitor weight gain without an accurate scale. In addition, livestock weight can be a helpful indicator of diseases.

When members of the herd lose weight more drastically than others without an apparent reason, it’s a sign of potential illness. Of course, if you have sick livestock, you must swiftly seek medical attention. However, improper weight readings can indicate more about your herd’s health; meal distribution is a vital factor to consider.

Provide a Balanced Diet

As you can see, the importance of buying accurate livestock scales comes down to ensuring healthy and honest business operations. Beyond looking for signs of disease, accurate scales can indicate an improperly balanced feeding schedule. Of course, your herd needs a rich, nutritious diet to thrive every day, but overfeeding isn’t ideal, either.

If you notice all your animals are losing or gaining too much weight, reassess their meal plan. Plus, beyond ensuring a balanced diet, quality scales help you distribute feed consistently. By maintaining consistent, balanced diets for your herd, your business can continue thriving.

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Written by Logan Voss

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