Ways To Prevent Falling Inventory in Your Warehouse

Units in warehouses often take on a degree of danger as facilities struggle to make the most of their finite space. Sometimes, we end up compromising safety for optimization. But by learning these ways to prevent falling inventory in your warehouse, you’ll no longer have to make that compromise. Discover how to keep your labor safe and your stock secure.

Even Distribution Across Racks

The irregular pace at which facilities pick goods off the racks can lead to unnecessarily shaky systems. When the burden of a racking system is unevenly distributed, the entire aisle’s structural integrity falls into question—and when goods start falling, that’s an expensive and dangerous dilemma. Try your best to redistribute inventory on racking systems to prevent them from being top-heavy or unbalanced. Though rearrangement can pose logistical challenges, reassigning inventory locations is an easier change to make than cleaning up a mess.

Rack Maintenance

Racking systems often boast stainless steel construction in their ad copy and brochures, but we know that under enough stress, even steel can bend. Placing too much heavy inventory on high racks without a counterweight beneath it can put undue strain on the racks. Collisions between racking systems and heavy machinery can lead to dents, dings, and damage that can cause an entire racking system to fail, sending goods crashing to the floor. Take care to store goods carefully. Don’t allow contact between forklifts and the racks’ support columns.

Protective Netting

You’ve seen that there are several ways to prevent falling inventory in your warehouse with sensible strategies using what you have on hand, but sometimes, even these precautionary measures aren’t enough. Many parts of North America experience seismic activity, which even conscientious storage methods can’t fully handle. To maximize employee safety and preserve your inventory, consider installing protective netting as both a safety and asset management measure in your facility. Netting will keep high-racked pallets from toppling over, allowing you to maximize vertical space with peace of mind.

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Written by Logan Voss

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