How To Create the Best Childcare Center

Parents have many options for daycare service, from home daycare to centers. Childcare centers need to go above and beyond to stand out to successfully attract new clients and keep the ones they have. It takes more than getting an application filled out to be a success. Cleanliness, safety, and the best staff are just a few of the ways to create the best childcare center.


The degree of cleanliness in the center is the first impression a potential new family will have, so make it count.

Not only do you want a clean center to attract customers, but also to keep kids and staff healthy. Childcare centers are already at risk for lots of dirt, spills, and messes due to the nature of little ones and the sheer number in a center. Give the dirt and grime less of a chance by keeping everything picked up and clean.


Sanitizing and cleaning are similar but there is a difference. Sanitizing is the process of killing germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Bleach and water are often used and work well for hard surfaces such as tables and floors. There are also professional sanitizing companies that will come in after hours and spray everything down.

Parents will greatly appreciate knowing that your center takes sanitization seriously.

Room for Exploration

The children aren’t too concerned with the details—they just want a fun place to explore. Make your center a fun place to be.

The goal of childhood exploration, especially in daycare centers, is to learn while playing. Make playtime fun and meaningful with the following ideas:

  • Indoor playground
  • Dress up area
  • Building center with blocks
  • Art center with plenty of supplies
  • Outdoor playground
  • Music
  • Sand and water tables

The possibilities are endless, just like a child’s exploration abilities.

The Best Staff

No matter how passionate you are about your childcare center, if the staff doesn’t line up, it won’t be successful.

Choose well when hiring and then make the staff a close team. Discuss ideas together and ask for input. Don’t expect staff to want to stick around if there is no room for growth and opportunity.

As you explore these ways to create the best childcare center, imagine bringing your own child to your center and you’ll quickly see where changes need to be made.

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Written by Logan Voss

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