Tips To Market a Short-Term Rental Property

There was a time not long ago when taxi cabs were our only option of transportation when we needed a ride, but now there are multiple rideshare companies that offer transport at the click of a button in more areas, for just a fraction of the price. A similar methodology was used when it came to trips away from home.

Our choices were hotel, motel, or bed and breakfast where we admittedly pictured an old Victorian home, flowing with floral patterns, antique figurines, and a shared restroom. These options have since been expanded upon with an influx of property owners renting out homes or walk-out basement apartments. An owner can find with the right setup, a very lucrative way to utilize their investment. Here are some tips to market a short-term rental property and draw people to your spaces.

Highlight Amenities

The best thing you can do to help your property rank over others is to list the benefits and amenities of your location. Showcasing pristine beaches, posh shopping, upscale restaurants, and an exciting list of surrounding activity opportunities and nightlife options is incredibly valuable and may sway choices on where to stay.

Use Technology

A great basic use of technology is to install lock systems that require a code for entry. This way, you don’t have to hand out keys and can change the code easily once your guest leaves. You’ll also want to use the internet as a tool to get your property listed on popular short-stay rental apps and sites as well as to offer Wi-Fi network use to your guests.

Cater To Millennials

Millennials are not only the largest consumer group—they are also in their twenties and thirties. They are technologically inclined and utilize apps that make it easy to find the perfect spot for their adventure and lodging. Millennials are a generation of people that tend to hold rest and vacation higher than previous generations and are willing to spend big bucks to obtain the perfect R and R local. They are more likely to take a trip on a whim and seek out more unorthodox ways to stay in order for a great view and a little privacy.

Privacy Is Key

When people travel and go on vacation, they want to be able to let loose and relax. The more privacy you can offer your potential guests, the better. It’s hard for people to unwind if they feel monitored or exposed to others. If you are renting out a home you typically stay in, make yourself scarce. Additionally, the more information you can give guests in a written welcome letter, the less necessary an interaction will be. It is most people’s natural instinct to be polite, but you don’t want to find out through an online review that they did not obtain the privacy they sought.

Investing in tropical property gives you a lot of options in renting to tourists. There are many areas in the Caribbean that are idyllic, offer great advantages to incoming travelers, will gain value as the area grows, and are out of the way of major tropical storms. Many people think of island life as an exemplar backdrop for relaxation, vacation, and sunshine. Use these tips to market a short-term rental property and be on your way to generating a great return on your investment.

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Written by Logan Voss

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