Different Types of Recovery Options for Addiction

When it comes to addiction, a lot of treatment options are available. The kind of help or treatment one needs will depend heavily on the individual. Addiction might have familiar symptoms and stages, but where one falls on the scale and how addiction affects them differs greatly from person to person. Keeping these considerations in mind will make choosing from the different types of recovery options much simpler.

Detox and Essential Recovery

When things are serious, medical concerns must be prioritized. Addiction is a very serious and scary thing that can happen to anyone. When allowed to spiral out of control, it can be serious and life-threatening. Depending on the addiction substance and the usage time, one may need to head straight for detox. In an emergency, detox will occur at a hospital. Other medically equipped facilities will help the individual get through the hardest part of addiction: becoming chemically stable without the drug.

Inpatient Treatment

For people who aren’t taken straight to hospitals, heading to inpatient facilities attached to or working with hospitals is a common choice. Inpatient facilities assist in detox and provide housing. While living in inpatient facilities, patients receive crucial rehabilitation training to prepare them for reentering society and dealing with addictive urges.

Sober Living Homes

For people facing fewer medical risks, sober living homes are great options. These facilities function much like inpatient facilities by providing living situations. Patients stay in sober homes to focus on distancing themselves from their addictive substances. These facilities also typically provide helpful training and professional advice to prepare the individual once they return home.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient facilities are the final steps for many people in the recovery process. These facilities cater to different age groups, and many specialize in dealing with certain types of addiction. Individuals exiting inpatient treatment centers will typically receive recommendations for regularly scheduled meetings at outpatient facilities. Many of these facilities also allow the public to take advantage of their knowledge base to learn more about addiction and to join in scheduled meetings. These facilities function as the final tethers to professional help when an individual has returned to society.

The different types of recovery options for addiction tend to fall on a ladder of necessity. Many people start at the top with detox and work through the different options to maximize the chances of their rehabilitation sticking permanently. Regardless of what type of help an individual needs, many options are available to them.

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Written by Logan Voss

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