How Airports Can Improve the Passenger Experience

For long-distance travel, airports are the main hubs that people use. However, many equate the process of flying to an uncomfortable ordeal. From arriving at the airport, to checking in, to waiting for their plane, there are many steps along the way where issues can arise and people can become frustrated. We detail how airports can improve the passenger experience so people can have a more pleasant time while passing through them.

Include Ample Entertainment

Waiting is an unavoidable part of air travel. This is because people must arrive early to account for any unexpected holdups that might cause them to miss their flights. To help make occupying time enjoyable, airports should include a diverse lineup of shops, restaurants, and amenities. Familiar restaurant chains can ease peoples’ minds as they decide where to eat. Airports can also include regionally specific restaurants and shops that sell cuisine and souvenirs unique to the area. This will give the airport a sense of interest for passengers waiting to board. For those who prefer to surf the web, read, or work, charging stations and Wi-Fi are essential.

Collect Feedback and Data

There may be small alterations that airports can make to their current structures that will go a long way in pleasing the people who visit them. However, these can differ on a case-by-case basis from one airport to another, making them hard to identify. Collecting feedback and data from travelers will make it clear how airports can improve the passenger experience in the right ways. Avenues for communicating with visitors and gathering this information can include emails, phone calls, and social media.

Make Parking More Convenient

Parking is a hassle in any location with a dense accumulation of people. The process of navigating through airports’ parking areas and finding open spaces can slow down people when they want to quickly get to their terminals. There are also those who wish or need to arrive and leave via alternative modes of transport. Airports must take these factors into consideration as they look to the future of airport car parking. They may find that allotting lanes and space to buses, ridesharing vehicles, and bicycles can help a significant number of people. Advanced technologies, such as mechanical parking systems that raise vehicles up on platforms to add parking spaces, can also improve space and convenience for visitors.

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Written by Logan Voss

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