Pet Services: How To Start a Doggy Daycare Business

The idea of starting your own doggy daycare center is a popular one for those who love pets. However, there’s a lot more work that goes into the startup process than many tend to think. This can greatly deter individuals from pursuing their dreams and helping dog-owners find the resources they need for their pets. But don’t let this stop you. With determination and a little help from this guide on how to start a doggy daycare, you can get your vision off the ground in no time.

Make a Business Plan

As with any other type of business, building your own doggy daycare requires a large amount of research and planning to pull it off successfully. Official business plans allow you to effectively map out the current demand for your service, what offerings are currently popular, and what you’ll need to do to establish yourself. This step is also vital for creating a business budget and setting a timeline for each stage of your opening. Planning all these things in advance will make the process go much smoother once opening day arrives.

Find the Ideal Location

Next, devote some time to finding the right location for your business. This could be in your own neighborhood or even the next town over if you’d prefer. Your market research will help you determine which places have the highest demand for daycare services and what customers in these areas will look for in businesses. So, try to find a spot with plenty of potential clients, and purchase a facility that’s spacious enough to house all your desired services. Remember that you’ll need at least enough room for kennels, grooming stations, and an outdoor play area.

Acquire Permits and Licensing

Once these details are settled, contact your local government to see about getting the proper permits and licenses to run your business. The requirements for these official documents can vary by state. Therefore, it’s key that you do the necessary research to find out what’s required of your business specifically. In addition to the proper paperwork, expect inspectors to visit your facilities as well. This will ensure that you have the resources you need to give each pet a satisfactory level of care.

Purchase All the Necessary Supplies

Starting a doggy daycare also involves acquiring any supplies the dogs could need during their stay. This includes kennels of various sizes, dog beds, toys, treats, food, and grooming supplies. Purchasing the right dog grooming shears is especially important for producing quality results, should you choose to offer this service. You’ll also need to monitor how fast you run out of certain items and what it costs to restock them.

Put Yourself Out There

Then, finally, start publicly marketing your business. Unfortunately, word-of-mouth won’t be enough to draw in new customers in the beginning. As such, you’ll need to try a series of different methods like posting on social media and taking out ads in the local paper. Getting your name out there is crucial in these first few months, and once you take off, nothing will be able to stop you.

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Written by Logan Voss

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