5 Tips for Keeping Your Office Organized

Everyone should keep their office clean and organized for several reasons, such as reduced stress and increased productivity. But how do you do it? That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? We introduce five tips for keeping your office organized.

Clean Your Office Before Leaving Each Day

When we finish our workday, it’s easy to grab our things and run out of the office. However, leaving the moment your shift is up won’t help you maintain an organized office. Before leaving for the day, you should develop the habit of clearing your desk of any clutter and garbage. When you return the next workday, you’ll have a clean slate to start your day.

We All Need Some Electronics but Organize the Cables

Technology is crucial to most of our jobs, and with that comes plenty of cables. All these cables require us to either adopt some effective cable management tips or otherwise become tangled up in the mess. Cable management is much simpler than it is perceived to be. For instance, choosing the shortest cables available will take away the hassle of untangling so many of them.

Have as Little as Possible on Your Desk

By taking away any non-essentials from your desk, keeping things organized is much easier simply because there’s less clutter. For instance, if you rarely use paper, you probably don’t need a stapler and a three-hole punch on your desk; they’re only taking up prime real estate.

Only Use Paper Copies for What’s Necessary

A hard copy isn’t necessary in most cases—especially nowadays. In fact, most people never go back to reference the hard copies. So instead, get a two-tier paper organizer on your desk. One spot is for completed documents and the other has to-do documents. Once you complete a document, you should be realistic and decide if you’ll need the paper copy or if a digital copy is enough.

Have One Catch-All Space

Ah yes, the old catch-all space. We all need one, but some of us dictate our entire office to act as a catch-all. Instead of letting the clutter overtake your office, set aside a small, designated area, such as a small table. Having a designated table to throw your keys, loose change, and whatever else on will keep your office looking pristine and organized.

By keeping your office clean and organized you’re going to find that you’re more productive and less stressed over time. By cleaning your office each day before you leave, organizing cables, removing non-essentials, minimizing paper copies, and having a small catch-all, you’ll be on your way to an organized office.

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Written by Logan Voss

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