The Best Edible Flowers to Incorporate into Any Dish

Flowers are more than just a gift for a loved one or the perfect touch of color in your garden. Much of the beautiful flora you see is edible, and quite delicious too. From savory meals to sweet treats, there’s no end to the possibilities with edible flowers. Here’s a breakdown of the best edible flowers for all your culinary needs.


A perfect pairing of sweet and tart, hibiscus packs quite a flavorful punch. A popular choice in teas, these petals can also be eaten as is. Divine in a glass of Prosecco or to top off a fresh summer salad, this edible flower will give your taste buds a jolt.


Nothing smells quite as lovely as fresh lavender. Don’t just relegate it to soaps and creams—lavender is a delightful treat all on its own. Floral and sweet in taste, it goes well with rich, chocolatey desserts. For all the coffee aficionados, it also makes for a smooth flavoring in lattes.


Minty in flavor, these are some of the best edible flowers if you have a hankering for something light and refreshing. They’re the perfect size for a small plate, so pop them on tartlets or crackers and cream cheese. They’re so pretty you might not want to take a bite.


Strong in fragrance but subtle in taste, roses are a versatile addition to plenty of dishes. Whether you candy them and arrange them on a cake or whip up a classic rose petal jam, the outcome will be a dish that smells as great as it tastes.


While most edible flowers have a sweet taste, nasturtiums will satisfy those with a taste for spice. Their flavor is peppery, making them an ideal addition to savory dishes. Stuff and bake these edible flowers with vegetables and rice for a healthy and filling bite.


Dandelions may not be the most welcome sight on your front lawn, but when they’re a part of your meal, you’ll be happy to see them. Honey-like in flavor, the flowers make for a sweet treat. Equally as tasty raw as they are prepared, dandelions are at home in a salad, sautéed, breaded and fried, or even made into wine.


Most of us are used to eating the onions that grow alongside the blooms, but the flowers themselves are just as tasty. With a mild, oniony taste, they’re an ideal addition to soups, sauces, and cheese spreads. Delicate and delicious, this edible flower is at home in any kitchen.

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Written by Logan Voss

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