6 Important Things to Repair Before Selling a House

Prospective homebuyers want to buy a property that doesn’t require much effort on their part; therefore, you’ll need to repair your home before putting it on the market. While cosmetic repairs increase the value of your home, mechanical and structural repairs can bump up your asking price even more. We identify six of the most important things to repair before selling a house.

The Deck

A deck can look nice, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily safe—and a structurally sound deck is a must-have for many prospective buyers. Before selling your house, inspect your deck. Replace or repair planks, and make sure any additions you make are up to code.

Doorknobs and Locks

It’s easy to overlook doorknobs and locks, but these seemingly minor things can have a major effect on your home’s resale price. Broken components are undesirable to prospective homebuyers, so be sure every door in your home has functional knobs and locks—this include those on drawers and cabinets. You can make these repairs yourself to save money.

Any Electrical Wiring

Prior to listing your home, carefully examine light switches, wiring, and your circuit breakers. An electrician can help you rewire faulty lights, fix frayed wires, and ensure everything is up to code.

The Foundation

This is one of the most important things to repair before selling a house. Foundation problems might affect a sale, so you should take care of any related issues before you put your home on the market. Slanted floors and cracked foundation walls are two warning signs you shouldn’t ignore.


Before putting your house on the market, you must make sure the HVAC is in proper working order. If your current system isn’t running correctly, your home likely won’t sell—or it will sell for a fraction of the initial asking price.

The Roof

Believe or not, your home’s roof is a main selling point. Buyers will quickly notice missing shingles and moss on your roof—so it’s especially important to take care of these issues as soon as possible. If you know that your roof is at the end of its life, consider replacing it. Although roof repairs can be expensive, they’re well worth the return on investment.

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Written by Logan Voss

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