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The Must-Have Apps to Track Business Expenses in 2019

Every business needs a simple and effective way to track and manage its finances. Without capital, your business won’t just have day-to-day problems, but long-term operations will be negatively affected as well. These must-have apps to track business expenses will change the way you do business for the better.


Not only does Gusto take over your payroll services, but it can also account for benefits, workers’ comp, HR tools, and more. Trusted by businesses all over the United states, Gusto is packed with features that streamline your company’s payroll, tax, and benefits processes.


An accounting software that boosts your business’s overall financial health, QuickBooks keeps everything organized in one communal space. Executives, managers, and employees can share and collaborate. You’ll always know where your business stands, thanks to the ability to connect to bank accounts and store receipts and track fund flow.


Focused for small-business owners and freelancers, this app helps entrepreneurs track and manage their invoices. Create your own professional invoices, automatically bill clients, and accept credit cards—all from a mobile device. You can also organize expenses, business reports, and profit/loss statements securely in the Cloud.


This software was created for independent contractors, sole proprietors, and small businesses operating with nine or fewer employees. Keep track of sales and expenses, manage invoices and customer payments, pay employees, and generate reports with this easy-to-use application. They also offer free personal finance features to help you manage everything in one place.


It’s crucial for businesses to track things like expenses, mileage, and billable time. Expensify can be synced with your camera to capture receipts as well as your credit cards. Create shareable expense reports that everyone in the company can access, no matter what program they use. Perfect for businesses that have employees who travel often.

Zoho Expense

Known for their business and IT tools, Zoho Expense is the solution to all your expense management problems. It’s an easy way to store receipt copies, record and sort expenses, and log mileage to keep track of travel costs. You’re able to connect credit cards, create batches of expense reports, and set up day-by-day pay rates for employees. Manage all your financial information in one place and easily determine areas of excessive spending and financial policy violations.

If you’re interested in using one of these must-have apps to track business expenses, click on its name to learn more about the platform, features, and prices.

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Written by Logan Voss

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