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The National Geographic Society; 100 Years of Adventure

This is a luxury book, leather cover, thick, glossy pages and hundreds of stunning photographs. It documents the development of a struggling publishing project to its present worldwide respect and fame.

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The book is written with the American in mind and much of the content is slanted towards an American audience- and why not since this is an American venture? It was interesting how they chose not to write about controversial topics and not to write much about the wars, and so the story of the history of the world has gaps which I thought was an opportunity lost. They had so much talent to draw upon in the field.

Bu included in the text are some very exciting stories, and stories about people one wants to research further. Some of the events told first hand are as fresh as when they happened. It gave us a window onto important scientific and geographic events. Choosing what to miss out in this lavish book must have been very difficult.

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The different covers to the magazine were detailed – and also the in-house disagreements and arguments. Fascinating – up to a point. The text was written in an easy to read style, which added to the delight.

But the many gorgeous pictures are superbly printed and the development of the photographic plate was well illustrated. The book is beautifully presented with its leather binding and the thick, glossy pages. It is the sort of book to return to again and again, especially for the illustrations. It would make a marvellous gift for a curious person – or just left on your coffee table it would look impressive.

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