More What If by Robert Cowley – A Splendid Book To Dip Into

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This is a book to dip into and consider. Eminent historians have taken a wide range of subjects and imagined what might have been – and some of the results are scary!

Topics range from dropping the atomic bomb to potatoes, and some surprising conclusions have been drawn. We also get a close look at some key events in recent history, the “inside” story if you like. And that is fascinating.

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Each chapter is discussed in depth by an expert in that field, but we are still free to think up our own scenarios – what if…? But the clear insight displayed is a pleasure to read. And the choice of incidents is both varied and, in some cases, world-changing. Not all the scenes are scenes of carnage and battle, and in many of them, the very small change at the time would have had far-reaching results.

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I found these stories full of interest, but better read in small chunks. Naturally, I enjoyed reading about some events more than others, but all were written with a depth of thought which was stimulating and thought-provoking – surely the essence of a good read.

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