Why is my dog so growly?

Why is My Dog so Growly? By Beverley Courtney. Nervous Dog?

This is the first of three books about how to help your nervous, aggressive and growly dog. Anyone who has a dog who snaps, growls and even bites will find this book explains a lot of your dog’s behaviour. And because it is written with a modicum of humour, and never a blame attached – always looking to the future, with “what we have” and not “what we might have had if only….”

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Beverley has years of experience training dogs for competition – and then she found herself the owner of a very reactive dog. She has shared the knowledge she gained in a non-aggressive way, compassionate and understanding. Rewards, love and patience are key to understanding and helping your nervous dog.

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After reading this introductory book you will probably have some light bulb moments, you will have more knowledge and understanding of your reactive dog and you will be able to read the other two volumes which promise to give you the information to make the changes you need to make to reassure your nervous dog and make her more confident and more fun to walk and meet people with.

I am looking forward to trying out her tips with our reactive dog as I read the next volume of this three-part series.

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