Live BIG. Think LARGE. Act SENSIBLY- How to Make a Fortune - without Losing Your Friends!

Live Big, Think Large, Act Sensibly By Nick James – Great Advice

Nick Kames is a business success, so how better to advise, encourage and, where needed point out the work needed to become a success in business. He clearly describes some of the things you will need to give up in order to succeed, yet he also manages to present a picture of the lifestyle that could be yours if you really want it and if you are prepared to make the necessary sacrifices to get it.

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However, Nick James also tells of the rewards. He’s frank about that money can do for you – but you do have to see life from a different perspective from almost everyone else to earn it.

All of us could become very, very wealthy – if we choose. But we have to make the right choices, make the right sacrifices. Nick is very clear that this does not include neglecting the most important people in your life – in fact, he emphasizes that being rich gives you a unique chance to experience life with your kids as they grow up, to never miss a sports day or a school show.

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To be very wealthy is hard work. It needs you to make the right choices and take sensible actions. The advice is clear and the book is not too long, yet there is a wealth of good advice between its pages. This little book can be an energizing start for a career as an entrepreneur, and a volume to check when the going gets rough!

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