The Ghost By Robert Harris – Not Just Another Thriller

The Ghost by Harris Robert

At first, I thought this was just another thriller – but quite soon I noticed the little chunks of dry humour. And then I found some delightful similes and unusual descriptions Robert Harris can paint a clear picture in very few words. These two things made the book very enjoyable and very readable. I kept looking out for the beguiling phrases as I read.

The plot is extraordinary and involves America and an ex British prime minister, as well as murder. I also learned a great deal about the ghostwriter’s job, which was in itself interesting. The characters are sufficiently well drawn to engage with them – and the ending totally unexpected – I loved it.

The book is easy to read and not too long. If you enjoy an exciting story, an interesting plot this novel will answer your need.

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  1. I had high hopes. And our hero gets mugged. A manuscript planted by the author in such a transparent way… I am disappointed

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