All the Grey Cats

All the Grey Cats By Craig Thomas – A Good Spy Thriller

A long and exciting spy thriller kept me reading for a while. The main scene is in Nepal although the wonderful scenery is not described in detail, there is enough to imagine we are there.

I found the name of the traitor “Babbington “ reminded me of someone – was it a real spy? Later I recalled that Babbington was the name of one of the men who tried to rescue May Queen of Scots form her imprisonment in England. That little twist, whole seeming irrelevant, to me made the plot more believable.

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There is a lot of description here, Craig Thomas is a wordsmith and uses language effectively to draw us into the places. But the action moves on, involving senior people in Russia and London, as well as in Nepal, but as ever,  it’s the people on the ground who are the real heroes.

The characters are well drawn, the plot is action-filled, the book has a good length – and although this book was written 30 years ago, and the political scene has changed, it is still a good read.

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