Hannah’s Choice

Hannah’s Choice – A Story Of Courage And Love

This is a book to inspire and encourage you. One little girl made a brave decision – and her family were strong enough and brave enough to support her, even when the authorities thought they knew better.

Told by Hannah and her incredible mother, in straightforward language – it also offers some insight into the strange world of the teens. What is important, what can be left alone. The book also illustrates what a person can do and how they can go beyond the limits of endurance when love is the driver.

Love, honour and trust – these shine through the pages. And the story is its own thriller, as we engage with the characters and follow the chapters, hoping for some good news, feeling the sense of dread and hope that must have been experienced by those closest to the main cast. It demonstrates the enormous strength a mother’s love has and how, supported in her turn, the family held together through the bad times and made the most of the good times.

And like every good book the ending left one feeling satisfied with the closure.

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Written by Liz H

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