Gargoyle By A Davidson

The Gargoyle By A Davidson – Bizarre And Extraordinary.

This is the first book by Andrew Davidson – I am hoping he will write many more.

There are stories within stories- and I looked forward to the next one just one of the two main characters did. This bizarre tale is well told and I was enthralled. Scattered with a sardonic humour throughout, yet the subject matter was serious and, I thought, illuminating. Secondary characters were drawn with a certain sympathetic skill.

Even the way the book was printed lent itself to illustrating the story and it’s multi-layers, giving the book a certain atmosphere. In the end, I almost came to believe the fantasy, and the last twist was satisfying and appropriate.

The word “extraordinary” is a good description of this strange volume. I have never read anything quite like it. Andrew Davidson must have done a considerable amount of research to go into such depth with the main events. This book is unforgettable and I am eagerly awaiting his next book – it cannot be as good as this one!

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Written by Liz H

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