Patrick By Stephen Lawhead

Patrick By Stephen Lawhead – An Exciting Story

This is just the kind of book I enjoyed when I was an early teenager – and I still get pleasure from reading it now.

The story is based on the history of Saint Patrick – the slave who became a soldier…Stephen Lawhead’s story is based on the earlier years before Patrick became a pillar of the early Christian setting in Ireland. It is a story I am unfamiliar with, but on a brief check, it seems that the main historical details are accurate – and certainly, he depicts that brutal yet very human age in meticulous detail. We are able to put ourselves in Patrick’s shoes as he lives out his adventurous early years, and empathise with his feelings and make some sense of his decisions.

Easy to read, the book sheds light on a dark part of our history, when the Roman legions left Britain to fend for itself against enemies from all sides. The setting is in the 5th century, an uneasy and dangerous time to live. Disease, poverty and hardship seemed to be a lot of the people and yet their generosity and courage in coping with adversity shine through the pages as the tale unfolds.

If you are looking for an exciting story, not too long and nicely written, then this book could be the answer.

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Written by Liz H

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