Wild Weather By John Lynch

Wild Weather By John Lynch – A Gloriously Illustrated BBC Book

This is a big book for a big topic – but one that almost everyone is interested in. It’s a book to lend your best friends but make sure you get it back in good condition! Keep it on show for visitors to browse through and you will not be left wondering what to talk about – the weather (how British!)

As you would expect from a book which accompanies a BBC series it is packed with stunning photographs, including news items and computer-generated images. Every page offers a treat for the eyes. The text is interesting and readable – I learnt lots of new facts which I can insert into conversations with relative strangers – they might even be slightly interested. But the power of the weather systems left me rather stunned. How amazing is our planet!

John Lynch
John Lynch

This book takes us into the heart of the weather systems – and where photographs are impossible, computer graphics, diagrams and graphs complete the picture for us. Many questions you may have wondered about, or never even considered, are answered, in a clear and easy style. This fascinating subject does lend itself to visual images – and here you have them in droves.

The author, John Lynch, is both widely travelled and also has extensive experience in television, producing and directing science documentaries. These include “Walking with Dinosaurs and many Horizon programmes. So we can be pretty sure he really does understand the subject – and how to present it for ordinary people like myself.

If you decide to buy this marvellous book, be aware that it is visually a delight, so make sure your copy is in excellent condition. This volume is worth more than dog-eared pages and faded photographs. I will be coming back to it many times – for pleasure, for information, and for discussions with my friends. It is a very sociable book!

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