Best Ways To Prepare Your Apartment Building for a Showing

Real estate is a challenging yet wildly rewarding career choice. Agents know they face many stressful situations in their daily lives, especially property showings. It’s essential to “wow” potential renters by showcasing your apartment complex in its best light, whether it’s a new building or a standalone unit. If you’re looking to nail your next open house, check out these best ways to prepare your apartment building for a showing.


Before officially planning a stellar showing, you must first thoroughly prepare your building and units. A professional cleaning crew is perfect for tackling an entire complex, as the crew will make sure to vacuum, dust, and sanitize every nook and cranny. You can do the cleaning yourself for individual units, depending on the size and requirements.

If your apartment has a lobby, make sure to pay special attention to this area. It’s the first part of the building visitors will see, and first impressions are everything for a successful showing. Don’t forget the little details—even the slightest sign of uncleanliness throughout the complex can deter renters.

Generate Buzz

No one’s going to come to your show if they don’t know about it—before the show date, spend time generating buzz through local outlets and the Internet. This prepares potential renters for the showing and pulls in a larger crowd.

Don’t be afraid to flaunt every aspect of your property when advertising online or in the paper. You want visitors to feel excited about the showing. An excellent online presentation of your apartment also makes renters more likely to sign a lease, as they get a feel for the complex beforehand.

Take Quality Pictures

Pictures are the best way to show off a property, but quality shots ultimately pull in larger crowds. Don’t simply snap a few pics from your phone, as this reduces the appeal of your complex. Instead, seek professional help that understands how to take a quality photo. They’ll ensure potential renters will see your apartment in a well-lit setting and be able to better visualize the units.

In the time of Covid, many showings were limited or totally online. Even before the pandemic, many real estate companies shifted toward virtual tours to advertise their properties to a larger crowd. There are a few ways to conduct a stellar VR tour, including self-made videos with quality cameras. Showcase both fully furnished and empty units so renters understand the space and potential of the apartment.

Additionally, professional virtual tour software allows you to make high-end 3D tours where visitors can interact better with the unit. Lastly, provide layout documents with accurate measurements.

Ultimately, the best ways to prepare your apartment building for a showing are all about highlighting the best features of your property. You want visitors to imagine their lives in your complex and get excited about potentially renting there. With these methods in place, you can confidently run a successful showing.

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Written by Leigh Ann Newman

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