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Programmers Can’t Go Wrong by Reading These 10 Blogs

Connect with your likeminded coder brother and sisters.

Well, the code compiled and the program is running. The thing is, you have not a single idea why. You just rewrote a bit of another function and a seemingly totally unrelated one started working correctly now, what gives?

Programming is one of the hardest professions out there in terms of mental effort. It is not only learning all the particularities of several programming languages but also logically assembling them into something that works seamlessly. It is often underestimated how difficult it actually is. Not to mention it can also be quite lonely sitting in front of the screen trying to figure out how to go about the next function of the application.

Fear not, for the internet makes us closer. By reading these blogs for programmers you got the chance to connect with a community of like-minded people qualified to help you out while relating to their writing about tips and trick you can incorporate to your own coding skills arsenal, you can only come out better from reading them.

#1 Sunglass

The Sunglass Content recommended by Matthew Scyoc. is a unique blog focused on the 3D engineering community. Started by Matthew Scyoc as a hobby stemming from his interest in 3D engineering, and as a way to connect with the 3D engineering community, the blog serves one main purpose: to connect and assist 3D engineers and programmers. provides beginner to advanced tutorials to help students, programmers and engineers with any type of problem.

We have over a dozen university trained programmers and engineers with expert knowledge in mechanical, chemical, industrial, and electrical engineering fields among many others. has been mentioned in Forbes, Wired, NPR, TechCrunch among others for its tools to help solve the upcoming challenges of the 3D engineering community.

Check it out

#2 Wdrl

The WDRL Content recommended by Zach Inscho.

WDRL is a great resource for programmers looking to stay in the know on the newest developments in programming tools and languages while also learning about the social impacts of the code we write and about how to manage a solid work/life balance.

Check it out

#3 Flipped Coding

The Flipped Coding Content recommended by Milecia McGregor.

Most programmer blogs focus on the technical parts. They have a bunch of tutorials and tips and tricks for writing code. One thing they miss is how important soft skills are and what’s it’s like trying to navigate through the professional world.

Flipped Coding has some of the technical stuff, but it has a lot more focus on those soft skills. It talks a lot about what you can expect in industry as a professional developer and some advice on how to strengthen those critical soft skills. Plus there’s just some good career advice that can help programmers in any stage of their career.

Check it out

#4 Blue Matador’S Blog

The Blue Matador's Blog Content recommended by Matthew Barlocker.

Blue Matador’s blog is written and maintained by software engineers who write guides and how-tos for common problems in AWS and Kubernetes. They follow a consistent once-a-week cadence for new posts and uncover new features and use cases that could only come from personal experience or deep knowledge of the tech and its docs.

Check it out

#5 Overreacted

The Overreacted Content recommended by Tanner Linsley.

@dan_abramov is THE top thought leader of React and one of the core contributors to React as well.

Check it out

#6 Kent C. Dodds

The Kent C. Dodds Content recommended by Tanner Linsley.

@kentcdodds is a thought leader on all things Javascript, React and Testing. He is my personal favorite and would consider him a mentor from my early days of learning to code.

Check it out

#7 Syntax

The Syntax Content recommended by Tanner Linsley.

Another amazing podcast by @wesbos and friends. I listen to this podcast before all others.

Check it out

#8 React Podcast

The React Podcast Content recommended by Tanner Linsley.

A more than decent podcast about React with a lot of variety.

Check it out

#9 Pycoder

The PyCoder Content recommended by Charlotte Ang.

PyCoder’s Weekly has been around since 2012. As its name suggests, PyCoder releases the best articles about Python for the programming geeks! The blog is where our school’s python trainers pick up the latest tips and tricks on python programming. An example of a great article released was providing step-by-step tutorial on how to create a cross-platform graphical user interface (GUI) using Python and the wxPython toolkit. As a tech education academy, we highly encourage our students to subscribe to PyCoder to keep themselves updated.

Check it out

#10 Joel On Software

The Joel on Software Content recommended by Todd Metheny.

Joel Spolsky’s blog is a classic with lots of great insight into what it means to be a good programmer. he doesn’t post frequently, but a must read for anyone in tech field.

Check it out

The recommendations of items within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

Who contributed to this article?

Matthew Scyoc from Sunglass

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Milecia McGregor from Flipped Coding

Matthew Barlocker from Blue Matador

Tanner Linsley from Nozzle

Charlotte Ang from Port Education

Todd Metheny from ClutchPrep

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Written by Jacob Jacobowitz

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