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14 Blogs To Learn Digital Marketing From

Learn how to stay up to date when marketing on the digital highway.

Marketing is an industry that moves up faster than you can read this sentence. At every moment there’s a new trend developing, a new technique arising and whole bunch of new of abbreviated terms whose meaning you better memorize.

To stay on top of things in an industry that never stops to take a break is necessary to be regularly informed by the best sources out there, that just so happen to be other marketers that have been longer at it than you. Hop on their shoulders, learn from their experience by reading the best blogs on digital marketing.

#1 Google Webmaster Central Blog

The Google Webmaster Central Blog Content recommended by Dan DelMain.

Google Webmaster Central Blog should be on every digital marketer’s reading list. The Google Webmaster team posts about important Google updates, new features for Google tools that help you strengthen your SEO efforts, and even answers highly debated questions from around the digital marketing community.

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#2 The Moz Blog

The The Moz Blog Content recommended by Dan DelMain.

The Moz Blog is best for learning SEO and inbound marketing to grow your business. Read it to gain insights into Google’s ranking factors and how you can best optimize your site to be at the top of Google for keywords that attract and convert your perfect customer. Moz also has a full SEO Learning Center that any skill level from novice to expert can benefit from.

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#3 Neil Patel’S Blog

The Neil Patel’s Blog Content recommended by Dan DelMain.

Neil Patel’s Blog offers case studies, strategies, and tactics in every aspect of digital marketing. He also posts his podcast, Marketing School, here so you can easily stay on top of digital marketing while on the go. The posts themselves are also a great example of how to create engaging, longform content on your own blog.

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#4 Backlinko

The Backlinko Content recommended by Wes Marsh.

Brian combines unique insights based on lots of data with great videos and infographics to prove his theories on SEO, and the results he shares are incredible. Further, the strategies he suggests are highly scalable for other businesses and they have helped many experienced SEOs.

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#5 Limelight Marketing Blog

The LimeLight Marketing Blog Content recommended by Rachel Dicke.

LimeLight Marketing is a marketing agency in Southeast Kansas. We exist to help clients grow revenue through marketing solutions to drive results that impact the bottom line. We tell bold stories in the digital landscape to connect with customers in meaningful and relevant ways to move the needle in today’s competitive marketplace.

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#6 Catalyst Digital Marketing Blog

The Catalyst Digital Marketing Blog Content recommended by Oliver Roddy.

“The Catalyst blog covers various topics across the sales and marketing spectrum, using anecdotes and stories from various walks of life to bring our pieces to life.

A lot of the ideas for content I get directly from speaking to our prospects and customers to ensure we really keep our ear to the ground and write content that answers the questions people are asking and genuinely helps our readers. ”

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#7 Ycombinator

The Ycombinator Content recommended by Borko Naumovski.

Ycombinator is the biggest place on the internet where extremely smart people gather and discuss topics. Many of them are technial, but many are digital marketing based.

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#8 Falcon Marketing Blog

The Falcon Marketing Blog Content recommended by Jared Cohen.

The Falcon Marketing Blog is extremely helpful in learning about a wide range of marketing techniques including ecommerce, social media targeting, search results, and branding. It also includes guides to software and new technology so you can navigate the entire marketing landscape. They also let you in on insider insights other sites may not reveal including SEO best practices and techniques, digital audience targeting, and smart and economical ad strategies.

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#9 The Content Standard

The The Content Standard Content recommended by Lauren Cranston.

The Content Standard is Skyword’s content hub, covering the latest innovations in brand storytelling, marketing strategy, and creative content. Since 2012, The Content Standard has offered a leading voice and unique perspective on today’s marketing landscape. We publish new marketing content every day from a team of experienced creatives and senior marketers. The site receives between 50,000 to 60,000 page views monthly. The articles take an editorial approach to brand journalism through interview spotlights with today’s top marketing leaders and coverage of current developments in marketing strategy and digital transformation. One of the main differentiators as a publication is that it covers a tremendous breadth in the topics from technical trends, social media, current events, and creative strategy.

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#10 Single Grain’S Blog

The Single Grain's blog Content recommended by Lisa Fox.

Single Grain’s blog is probably the first place I go for the latest in digital marketing trends. He goes over every aspect of digital marketing and comes up with ideas and platforms to explore that are largely untapped.

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#11 Elite Digital Marketing

The Elite Digital Marketing Content recommended by Miranda Gibson.

Elite Digital Marketing blog works to explore the top marketing trends to provide readers with new strategies and insights about the ever-changing industry. From SEM to SEO to link building, the Elite Digital blog is extremely insightful and informative. I work as a freelance marketing specialist and I often refer to the Elite Digital blog to stay up to date on specific digital trends and changes.

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#12 Jumper

The Jumper Content recommended by Udit Agarwal.

There are very few regularly updated blogs out there on the topic of social commerce. jumper is providing 2 new articles every week and spreads their content between written, visual, and video.

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#13 Search Engine Journal

The Search Engine Journal Content recommended by Sylvia Shalhout.

SEJ has been my go-to blog for digital marketing advice. They touch on everything a marketer needs to know from SEO to social media marketing and most importantly, content marketing.

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#14 Seo Blog By Ahrefs

The SEO Blog by Ahrefs Content recommended by Shawn Lim.

“The Ahrefs SEO Blog is the first blog you need to follow if you want to learn about search engine optimization – one of the key pillars of digital marketing. From beginner topics like an introduction to SEO to advanced outreach and link building strategies, the blog contains a wealth of information on doing SEO the right way.

Each blog post also contains many videos that have detailed explanations and step-by-step action plans if you prefer watching videos to reading. The Ahrefs blog is full of helpful guides to turn you into an SEO expert. ”

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The recommendations of items within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

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Borko Naumovski from WeLoveSkopje

Jared Cohen from Falcon Marketing

Lauren Cranston from Skyword

Lisa Fox from Lead Gen Hype

Miranda Gibson from Elite Digital Marketing

Udit Agarwal from

Sylvia Shalhout from Mashvisor

Shawn Lim from Fixwerks

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Written by Jacob Jacobowitz

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