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6 Best Podcasts For Writers To Listen To

Hear here how to improve your writing.

Writing is an exercise on simply getting out of your head all the right words necessary to express a single idea at the time. Meaning that clear and precise writing is a hard task. Just imagine the many ways you could express a single idea, considering them all and then selecting the best one out of the lot. Believe me, it can frequently be just maddening.

If improving your writing process is something you look for, there’s nothing better than talking and sharing with another writer, unfortunately, many writers simply don’t have that many acquaintances that also write. You can share anonymous stories or find other avenues.

Fear not, technology has a solution, and that solution is called a podcast. Take your time to listen to what some writers got to share about their grind, its struggles, and tips on how to go about the task and not become insane in the process. Here are the best of them.

#1 Writing Excuses

The Writing Excuses Content recommended by Jason Boyd.

With a panel that includes the prolific Brandon Sanderson, Writing Excuses features real authors speaking about their craft in an authentic way.

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#2 Copyblogger Fm

The CopyBlogger FM Content recommended by Amanda Sexton.

The information provided in this podcast is invaluable for writers in the content marketing space. From actionable tips that can be applied right away to data-backed reasoning for why particular tactics work best to expert interviews with some of the top names out there, Sonia Simone and Copyblogger have managed to produce one of the top podcasts not just in writing but in marketing in general.

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#3 The Segilola Salami Show

The The Segilola Salami Show Content recommended by Segilola Salami.

The Segilola Salami Show is one of the best podcasts for writers because it gives writers the opportunity to share their individual experiences from writing to publishing to marketing their books. Writers that are listeners of the show get to learn from seasoned authors how to avoid common mistakes and be inspired to keep on

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#4 Break Into Travel Writing

The Break Into Travel Writing Content recommended by Sam Murray.

As a travel journalist, this podcast has become essential listening for me. Not only does it help me to become a better writer, but it gives loads of practical advice about the business behind it. Plus, it’s not just for travel writers. Episodes on how to pitch stories, how to collaborate with brands, and how to find unique stories are essential for writers in every field.

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#5 The Ray Edwards Show

The The Ray Edwards Show Content recommended by Naomi Morris.

The Ray Edwards Show is not only packed full of valuable practical information for improving your writing, but it’s also hilarious! Each week, Ray hosts the show alongside family members, and they play off one another like only family can.

The professionally produced show features Ray’s well crafted and thought out insights into writing and business, as well as interviews with experts from across the country. Listen to podcasts with such titles as: ‘Why Every Business is a Writing Business’, ‘How to Become Wealthy as an Unknown Writer’, or ‘How to Punch Fear in the Face’.

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#6 Vicki Fitch Live: A Fresh Perspective Ep#39 With Nazim Beltran

The Vicki Fitch Live: A Fresh Perspective Ep#39 with Nazim Beltran Content recommended by Vicki Fitch.

Vicki Fitch is an Author, Speaker & Intnl Business Consultant delivering value on Sales to Social Media & Everything in Between. She’s been in many top publications like Reader’s Digest & Success Magazine.

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Written by Jacob Jacobowitz

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