The True Cost of Being a Member of a Wedding Party

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  • The Average Brit Will Be a Member of the Wedding Party Four Times in Their Lifetime
  • Wedding party members spend £2,809 and almost a month planning and celebrating the nuptials of their loved ones

Unconscious Spending

UK couples typically spend £17,674[i] on their big day, but it’s not just the happy couple who fork out for their nuptials as new research reveals the true cost of being a member of the wedding party.

A survey of 1,003 UK adults carried out by One4all Gift Cards has found that the average Brit is a member of a wedding party four times, spending an average of £2,809 and almost a full month planning and celebrating their loved one’s special day.

The study, which examines the time and money invested by those closest to the couple found that the average wedding takes up over a week of their time (7.7 days) and costs £776. This is almost double (98%) the average spend for a wedding guest (£391)[ii]

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Most Time Consuming Tasks

The most time-consuming tasks for bridesmaids, ushers, and parents of the bride and groom were revealed as,

  1. Assisting with the planning of the big day itself (18 hours 34 minutes)

  2. Engagement party celebrations (10 hours 11 minutes)

  3. Hen and stag parties (18 hours)

How Money is spent

The research revealed that,

  1. 71% of wedding party members were asked to cough up for outfits costing £104

  2. 65% had to pay for their travel and accommodation, spending an average of £99

  3. 56% of wedding party members who funded the traditional hen and stag party, costing an average of £89

The study also revealed that more than 1 in 10 (11%) declined to be a member of a wedding party due to the cost involved with   7% regretting being a member of a wedding party.

Despite the huge investment, the research found that 93% of Brits enjoyed being a member of the wedding party while more than 1 in 3 (34%) stating that being asked to be a member of the wedding party is a huge privilege.

Time and effort planning a wedding do not go unnoticed by the newlyweds as 90% of the bridal party surveyed received a thank you gift from the newlyweds.

When asked which present wedding party members would most like to receive, gift cards or vouchers came first (44%) followed by something handmade (30%) and jewelry (27%).

Aoife Davey, group marketing manager at One4all Gift Cards, commented:

 “We all know that weddings are a costly celebration but it’s incredible to see the huge amount of time and money those closest to the bride and groom are dedicating, to ensure they have the best day possible.It’s encouraging to see the investment of time and money of the bridal party doesn’t go unnoticed, with so many receiving thank you gifts from the happy couple.”

Those in Bristol were found to invest the most time and money in their best friend’s weddings spending an average of 225 hours and £1,081, followed by Manchester residents who spend an average of 206 hours and £971.

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Written by Hassan Ahmed

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