7 More Great Games For Nostalgia

Finding yourself with a bit of spare time in the future and looking to rekindle a bit of that excitement and fun from your younger days? We have collected up seven great and timeless games that are sure to speak to the nostalgia in all of us.

#1 Super Mario 64


This was one of the first Super Mario games to use 3D graphics and it made for a totally different experience. It was played on the Nintendo 64. It was difficult to get used to the shifting camera angles, but it made the game that much more fun. Being able to explore the grounds of the castle really put you into the game.

Contributor: Nate Masterson from natemasterson

    #2 Diablo II

    By far one of the best nostalgic gaming experiences goes back nearly 20 years with the release of Diablo II. An action RPG that many gamers have poured countless hours into (and still do) while still commanding several hundred viewers on Twitch to this day along with a number of active mod communities (such as Median XL).

    Every gamer can be nostalgic about all their Diablo II experiences from their first Baal takedown to their first top tier legendary item and the countless Pindleskin runs done to obtain it. To this day all action RPGs like Diablo are still held up for scrutiny against Diablo II nostalgia.

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    #5 Operation

    As a child of the 80's I grew up on board games. The one that really brings back old memories is the classic game of Operation. Something about playing with your friends and trying to get that rubber band off without touching the middle. Whenever anyone would touch the metal with their tweezers we would all jump and giggle as the little mans red nose lit up. As an adult now, I can appreciate how amazing it is that we didn't lose those tiny little parts!

    Contributor: April Lee from mudpiesandtiaras

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    Written by James Metcalfe

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