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Step Out In Style With 500Large

In a world that is increasingly becoming harder and harder to understand and conform to, there is a new and exciting way of showcasing your ‘stepping out’ of everyday normality. 500Large is the freshest range of vinyl shoe collections that truly stand out in a world that is so often lacking a bit of identity. Sleek and immediately recognisable wherever they are put, it is the collection that any avid collector cannot be without.

In this article, we are going to put the range as a whole under the spotlight to shed light on what makes these accessories so must have.

First off, this range is designed for those with an eye for the hottest ranges, brands and products and gives them a different way of showing off their specific favourites. With absolutely no reprints and 48 separate ‘drops’ a year, this is an entirely unique and never-before-seen way of taking your collection to another level.

Each and every vinyl is wonderfully simple to work, but surprisingly advanced with all their uses. Easily applied to any (reasonably) flat surface you can see, there are near limitless possibilities over how you might want to show off each collection. Stylish in any 360 angle or even shaped around a corner, these vinyls promise an easy stick but a robust stay once placed. On top of this, the 500Large collection makes for a good-looking fit in a frame, should you want to opt for that look.

There has never been a more fresh way of marking out your territory and showing off your collecting nature before, and this is a range that promises to take its charms and pull to the next level with more and more exciting releases promised with every passing week. Demand is sure to be high for these high quality vinyls, so make sure you don’t miss out!

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Written by James Metcalfe

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