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4 More Great Gadgets For Measuring Your Fitness

The world of fitness is a new and explosive market, filled right to the brim with exciting technologies readily available on the markets for any level of athlete. From helpful gadgets that monitor every part of your body, to dietary planners and workload managers, we have collected four more of the best gadgets in the market for measuring your fitness.

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#1 Elpis World Range

Elpis World claims to have some of the most-advanced, most-affordable wearable technology available today. Their devices have up to 27 features and functions wrapped-up inside the tiny mechanisms users wear on their wrists, it’s difficult to list them all.

Elpis devices have some impressive, well-advanced health-related functions, but they also have both fitness features and communication abilities, all rolled into the one device. Features include the mainstays of steps, calories burned and sleep, along with caller ID, text message ID with full text message display and SMS alerts.The devices are rated IP67 water resistant and dustproof.

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#2 Body Measure Tape

Taking limb measurements is an important practice in tracking your fitness progress. Knowing the circumference of your waist along with other limbs like your thighs and biceps can help you determine whether your current efforts are actually working or if you need to rethink your plan. That's why it's important to own a retractable, skinfold body tape measure.

This type of tape measure is easy to use and allows you to quickly measure the circumference of any part of your body with great accuracy. Plus, the tape is reversible, giving you the ability to measure in either metric or imperial units.

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#3 Garmin Vivoactive 3

This fitness GPS watch can track and record many types of activities including running, walking, cycling, skiing, paddle boarding, yoga - plus gym activities like strength training and elliptical machines. It has a wrist heart rate monitor. This makes it easy to track resting and active heart rate. Garmin also uses this to measure VO2Max. VO2Max is the standard metric used for measuring overall fitness. It's a great way to see how your fitness improves over time.

On top of these fitness features, the vivoactive 3 looks great, syncs with a phone, and has contact-less payments (like the Apple Watch) to pay on the go. Some versions also stream music wirelessly!

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#4 SmartHalo

This tiny gadget turns your regular bike into a smart bike. It connects to an app on your phone that guides you and tracks your progress. It also can tell you where you parked! The gadget is also an anti-theft alarm, an automatic night light, and even a personal assistant. It can tell you when you’re getting a call and warn you about inclement weather. Once you getthis, you’ll be wondering how you ever survived without it.

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