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5 More Great Gift Ideas For Vegetarians

From high-tech gizmos and gadgets, to hot fashion ranges tailor made to celebrate the Vegetarian lifestyle, we have spoken to several leading experts in this field for their insights on what makes some of the best gift ideas for Vegetarians so special, and where we can find them…

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#1 Spiralizer

The spiralizer is a kitchen gadget that really can make a difference in your health and eating habits. The noodle-like shapes that it produces from zucchini and other vegetables are nutritious substitutes for refined carbohydrates like pasta. There is a huge nutritional difference between a 4-ounce serving of zucchini noodles and a similarly sized plate of traditional pasta!

Contributor: Lisa Richards, Creator of The Candida Diet at

#2 Turtle Savers Metal Straws

Any moral vegetarian who cares about an animals welfare should ensure that they are keeping their pollution as low as possible. Metallic reusable straws by Turtle Savers, a non profit organisation donating all profits to charities are the perfect item to help cut back on your plastic pollution.

Contributor: Jack from

#3 Vegetarian – Alice Hart

Whether you are strictly vegetarian, trying to eat less meat or just searching for enticing vegetable dishes, Vegetarian has 70 perfectly crafted recipes for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Included are tips for choosing herbs and cooking with legumes, handy basic recipes for sauces, salsas and vegetable sides, and step-by-step recipes for making nut milks and tofu.

Contributor: Alice Hart from The Quarto Group

#4 SuperVeg – Celia Brooks

In SuperVeg, Celia Brooks carefully selects 25 vegetables that she heralds as heroes, not only for their nutritional benefits but for the simple joy of cooking them. These plant champions are the ultimate health enhancers, both physiologically through their unique natural chemicals, and mindfully through discovering the most joyful way to prepare, cook and eat them.

By the time you have finished devouring SuperVeg, you will not just gain a full understanding of the surprising character and formidable power of these 25 vegetable heroes, but a life-long appreciation every time you eat them (particularly when you're eating it as part of one of Celia's 100 easy, delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes!)

Contributor: Alice Hart from The Quarto Group

#5 Grape Cat Vegan Clothing And Accessories

Whether you're making your own wish list (hint, hint, parents) or buying for your besties, celebrate this major milestone with these awesome grad gifts everyone will love. If you're buying for a corporate warrior, an aspiring entrepreneur or artist, these gifts will help your grad travel the road ahead.

So whether you've got a vegan mom or an animal-loving mom, we've got Mother's Day gift ideas she'll love. Have a look around and find something special for Mom this Mother's Day.

Contributor: James Lucas from

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Written by James Metcalfe

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