17 Great Items For Avid Travellers You Have To Buy

Looking for the next nifty, time-saving and convienient invention to help you stay focused on your travel adventures? We have amassed some of the coolest and most invaluable inventions out in the market at the moment to make up the ultimate shopping list for any traveller. 

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#1 Soul Insole Micro Size Orthotic

Soul Insole designed a micro-sized orthotic that adds arch support and comfort to ANY shoe or sandal without crowding your feet! They are perfect for travel as they fit in everything from athletic shoes to trendy fashion shoes to high heels. Everyone in the family will love them as these non-bulky, ultra comfort insoles provide relief for anyone who spends a lot of time walking and standing! These amazing orthotics are also washable and re-usable.

Contributor: Laina Gossman from

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#2 Scrubba Wash Bag

Invented in 2010 to make a Mt Kilimanjaro trek easier, the Scrubba wash bag is the world's smallest washing machine and the ultimate travel and camping essential. This convenient, pocket-sized travel companion allows you to travel lighter and helps to save money, time and water. It’s the modern take on the old fashioned washboard, but a lot easier, quicker and way more hygienic than a dirty hotel sink!

Contributor: Natalie Simpson from

#3 Scrubba Air Sleeve

Simply the best way to carry your tech. Pop your laptop or tablet inside or inflate the sleeve, lay your head down and you’re good to go, whether that be at the airport, in your local park or on your commute to work. With a soft shell, water resistant exterior and weatherproof wrap around zippers, you won’t fret taking your tech anywhere. Recently awarded first-prize for the Smarter Travel 2018 Editor’s Choice Awards Packing Accessories, the air sleeve is something everyone needs.

Contributor: Natalie Simpson from

#4 Aquavault

We faced the problem of where to hide our valuables when going swimming at one of the finest hotels in South Beach. We decided to hide our valuables under our towels and in our shoes. Though only a few feet away, & constantly watching, when we got back, our stuff was gone. Vacation nightmare comes true!

“There should be something you could put your valuables into so you don't need to constantly worry” - but there wasn't - so we invented it.

Contributor: Jonathan Kinas from

#5 Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

The Nomader¼ Collapsible Water Bottle is a unique travel item to keep you hydrated while on-the-go. Manufactured with shatterproof BPA free silicone, this innovative reusable water bottle is tough enough to survive accidental drops, and is freezable and heat-resistant, The Nomader bottle features a secure leak-proof cap to prevent annoying spills and a wide mouth to make cleaning a breeze. The most unique feature of this bottle is that it can roll-up or collapse flat to save on space, yet is comfortable to drink from thanks to it’s sturdy design. As an added bonus, Nomader bottles are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Contributor: Bryan Sarlitt from

#6 DryFoxCo Towel

DryFoxCo has reinvented the towel with compact travelers in mind making them lightweight, absorbent and quick drying. Plus they’re the only towel on the market with a zip water resistant pocket for securely concealing your valuables.

Our towels are made of the softest microfiber with the perfect XL size for covering your entire body after a shower or laying out at the beach and feature trendy reversible travel-inspired designs. Weighing only 8 oz, they easily fit in a backpack, purse or carry on bag.

Contributor: Samantha Peck from

#7 Base Tan Body Lotion

A luxurious topical body lotion that prepares your skin and helps you get color quicker and safer while spending less time in the sun. It is a supplement that's processed with potent antioxidants and innovative, natural, anti-aging ingredients like soya bean and pomegranate extracts designed to help you bronze quickly, safely and naturally, while leaving your skin radiant and hydrated. When applied, you are essentially ‘feeding’ your skin the essential amino acids it needs to boost and support melanin production. Ideal for getting the color you desire on your vacation!

Contributor: Tropic Labs at

#8 Over Exposed Gel

A cooling gel formula that absorbs quickly, and acts fast – with no sticky after-feel. Over Exposed helps your skin begin to recover from your sunburn immediately, and relieves you of the redness, pain, and prickly heat that glorious sunshine has left behind. Made with ingredients such as Tasmanian Pepper extract to reduce redness, Advanced Neuro-Peptides to relieve you of that sore feeling and Tropical Phytocomplex to repair and nourish your skin.

Contributor: Tropic Labs at

#9 The Airhook

The Airhook is a two-in-one solution for airplane travel comfort: a stable drink holder and a secure mount for an electronic device (cell phones to tablets 8.5 inches tall when horizontal) that attaches to the tray table in its locked position. Designed to elevate the level of convenience by allowing for maximum legroom, The Airhook uses the tray table in its vertical and locked position as an anchor, rather than horizontally across your lap as a platform.

Passengers no longer need to sacrifice space with the folding down trays!

Contributor: Craig Rabin from

#10 Lingo Playing Cards

LINGO Sets are innovative playing cards that help you learn key phrases in many foreign languages.

According to FODOR’S TRAVEL, CNN, FORBES and many travel influencers LINGO is ideal fun for learning, and also a great way to make new friends in new places. And at $14.99 (Amazon), it’s also affordable!

Contributor: Barry M. Schwartz from 

#11 BubbleBum Inflatable Car Seat

BubbleBum is the original inflatable car booster seat that ensures kids are safe and comfy on every single car drive, near or far. Lightweight and easy to inflate and deflate, it can be carried in a backpack or large purse for travels. Perfect for road trips, BubbleBum solved the problem of not being able to easily carry along a booster while traveling, as well as the previous issue of not being able to fit three boosters across the backseat of your vehicle.

Contributor: Anza Goodbar from

#13 Glowjetter Travel Wellness

GlowJetter spans the space between holistic health and travel, and so we thought this new product might be of interest to you and your readers.

Our supplements are packed with potent ingredients like adaptogens, ancient herbal remedies, essential vitamins and minerals that support the body through the rigours of international travel. GlowJetter is the first of its kind to market and our signature formulas are proving very popular already.

Contributor: Emily Doig from

#14 PortaPocket Case

The beauty and simplicity of PortaPocket lies in it's modularity, which allows it to morph to suit your daily needs. It works almost ANYWHERE on the body, and either under or over your outfit. It's super comfy (neoprene) with no plastic or metal parts to dig into skin, easy to use and goes from casual to black tie without skipping a beat. Pockets swap out to suit your style, and our larger pockets can also slide onto your own belt or scarf, too.

Perfect to keep your ID/cards, cash, keys, cell phone, passport, medical device, etc. CLOSER. Use while traveling and never be a victim of purse snatchers or pickpockets.

Contributor: Kendra Kroll from

#15 AutoDogMug

The AutoDogMugŸ is the first and only, one-handed hydration system for dogs. Squeeze and water fills the bowl for your pup to drink, release and the remaining water returns to the bottle. Public water bowls can contain harmful pathogens, travel water bowls are an inconvenience to use. This is the best solution for giving your dog water on the go.

Contributor: Shannon Ross from

#16 The Earthlid

The Earthlid is a reusable silicone top that replaces plastic coffee lids that are harmful for both humans and the environment. It has a strap that rotates to seal the lid- making your coffee leak tight and ready for travel mode. It comes equipped with travel bag, so you can easily be more eco-friendly while traveling.

Contributor: Shannon Ross from

#17 RINGO Ring Cleaner

This diminutive ring cleaner was invented by a traveler who hated grungy rings—and the mess of using a brush to clean them while on the road. Under the lid of the jar-shaped Ringo, you’ll find clips for your ring and tiny brushes to scrub it clean using pre-loaded, non-toxic cleaning solution. At just two inches in size, the sturdy Ringo easily meets carry-on rules—or is small enough to fit in a briefcase or glove compartment.

Contributor: Monique Honaman from

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