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Top 5 Best Translator Devices For Travelling

Travelling to another country is exciting but often very challenging! Especially if you’re not familiar with the language of the region. While a lot of people think, “Why do I need a translator device? I can just use my phone, there are plenty of apps for translating”; the truth of the matter is, your phone is not designed to be a translator. It picks up noises from the surrounding and could affect the efficiency of translation. Besides, are you really comfortable using your expensive phone as a translator in sometimes poor countries where the aim is not to attract attention? Here are some of the top translator devices available on the market today to help you on your journeys and to aid in interacting with the locals to really experience the culture of the lands you have visited.

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#1 ili – Under $200

Known for its simplicity and functionality, ili is an offline translator mainly for English speakers. It is a one-way translator that is optimized for quick communication.

It supports translation from English to Spanish, English to Chinese and English to Japanese. But keep in mind that ili does not offer translation for Spanish to English, Chinese to English and Japanese to English (One Way Translation, get it? ). The device is optimized for travel purpose so most of the sentences are specifically for travelers. The advantages are, you don't need any internet  and it serves well for basic traveling use.

#2 MESAY 2 – Under $180

MESAY 2 is a 2-way translator that supports 2 way translation. The device supports 16 languages and requires internet connection for better translation. MESAY 2 has mobile hotspot that turns your translator into a pocket wifi. What’s great about this translator is, it has a 33mm HD diaphragm speaker that allows the translations to be loud and clear. It also has a “make friends” function that allows MESAY 2 users to interact with each other. MESAY 2 is currently available at

#3 Travis Touch – Under $160

Travis supports 105 langauges with integration of 16+ translation engines. It supports 2 way translation and wireless charging. Travis requires internet to be used and you can use internet data from mobile sim. The Travis Touch comes with a pouch, strap, software updates and charging cabel. The Travis Touch us is also a mobile hotspot that provides connecting up to 11 mobile device. Owners of Travis recommend using a fast internet connection to ensure the best translation.

#4 VASCO Traveler Premium 5” – Under $400

TheVASCO Traveler Premium is a translator device that supports 29 languages. The VASCO Traveler Premium comes in 3 different sizes and is designed like a smartphone. The device comes with offline GPS navigation, guidebooks, a built-in VASCO International sim card that allows surfing internet for as low as 2 cents /mb. Although the size is bigger than other translators, It is pretty good for someone that would like to use the device for more than just translation.

#5 Aibecy Smart Language Translator – Under $70

This device supports 2 way language translation and 30 languages. The translator supports bluetooth version 4.1 and above and allows you to connect to your phone for more functions. In order to use the device, you need to download the app which is available on both iOS and android. Your phone also needs to be connected to internet in order to use as translating device.

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