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6 Great Additions To Spice Up Your Office Desk

Our workspaces are we spend the bulk of our days and, as such, making it as comfortable and efficient for a hard day’s worth of work is sometimes just as important for us as the workload itself.

We asked several leading experts for their insights into what makes a great office decoration.

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#1 Colourful Decorations

Even if you are not a plant fan, there is a good reason to add something green to your work area. The psychological power of colours specifically red, blue, yellow and green, has been well studied and proven to have an impact on our productivity. Therefore, even if you are not a fan of plants, purchasing a vase or picture frame in green or one of the previously mentioned colours would be beneficial.

Contributor: Marieta Ivanova from

#2 A Lucky Waving Cat

Seriously! We've kept one of these charming, ubiquitous felines from Japan in our design studio's window for years. They're a simple and surefire way to ensure every human entering your office does so with a smile.

Contributor: Josh Peter from

#3 Plants

Bring the outdoors in. By now you've read plenty about the health and wellness benefits of keeping plants in your living space—the same applies in your workspace! We suggest those that are difficult to kill (like succulents).

Contributor: Josh Peter from

#6 Sand Timer

This is a device that could prevent constant distractions and also help you get better organised at work. Mastering multitasking seems essential these days for being successful, so the sand timer could help you divide your time accordingly and not lose track.

Contributor: Marieta Ivanova from

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Written by James Metcalfe

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