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10 Chilling Series That Will Make You Want To Buy Netflix

Netflix are known for their brilliant original additions that grip audiences across the world and keep people talking for months after watching their shows. Our real life terrors coming to haunt us, a good Netflix series has proven to be far, far more chilling than any work of fiction.

Look below for 10 great shows that will make you instantly want to buy your subscription.

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#1 Amanda Knox

In what was called the 'trial of the century', this compelling documentary goes right to the heart of the story of Amanda Knox and her potential role in the murder of Meredith Kercher. With no stone left unturned, this Netflix original is brutally on point with its deliverance and brings in all those connected with the trial. 

#2 Making A Murderer

Something of a pioneer in launching the world of crime dramas into our living rooms, Making A Murderer stands out as one of Netflix's most talked about and subsequently acclaimed additions in recent years. Following the story of Steven Avery, its tense atmosphere and insight makes for one of the most compelling series' available on the site. 

#3 Blackfish

One of the most eye-opening and famous documentaries ever made, Blackfish is the shocking insight into the treatment of Killer Whales based in Seaworld. With contributions straight from previous workers and experts alike, the documentary took on the massive company and helped raise a truly staggering amount of awareness for the welfare of animals in captivity. 

#4 The Keepers | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

A truly dark and honestly quite frightening story surrounding the murder of Sister Cathy, a nun based in Baltimore, The Keepers is a chilling documentary that still has plenty of people talking to this day. The quest for justice couples nicely with the story's suspense to leave a documentary that will have you binge watching for hours on end. 

#5 The Confession Tapes

A real eye-opening quest for the truth, The Confession Tapes takes one of our biggest fears and delivers it back to us with such style and finesse that only the streaming service could pull out. Following the stories of several individuals who claim they were coerced into giving false accounts of crimes, the reliability of the people involved make for one of the most chilling inclusions available. 

#6 The Confessions Of Thomas Quick

An engrossing, if incredibly unnerving, look into the man who claimed to have murdered thirty people in Sweden, this is a film that is never afraid to bring out the truth. Intriguing and horrific in its nature, the story of Thomas Quick is riddled with lies, deceit and the most shocking crimes that would come to grip an entire nation.  

#7 The Nightmare Official Trailer 1 (2015) – Documentary HD

A chilling and equally engrossing investigation into the horrors sleep paralysis can bring to so many people, The Nightmare is truly an inclusion that will lead to more than a few more bedroom lights being left on after watching it. Sleep paralysis is a disorder that catches an individual between being awake and being asleep, meaning that a person's nightmares can be very, very real to them. Again, the relatability here makes for heightened experience. 

#8 The Thin Blue Line

The Thin Blue Line is another fascinating insight into the inner workings and subsequent corruption that still lives in our justice systems; following the story of a man who was wrongfully convicted for murder, this documentary takes things to a new level by showing us the man who was really guilty of it. A double-whammy of a crime drama and an exploration of a serial killer's mind, this is a series that will have you thinking about it long after the credits have rolled. 

#9 The Staircase

One of the most compelling crime dramas available on the streaming site, The Staircase is the story of Mike Peterson and the murder of his wife, Kathleen. With behind the scenes looks on the ins and outs for both sides of the case, the show has the audience thrown between each team as we all try to work out the big question of whether or not he actually did commit murder. 

#10 Killer Legends

Delving into the deep, dark world of our greatest and most sinister urban legends, Killer Legends is a film that blends together the worlds of fact and fiction. Exploring the root of where our urban legends come from, this independant film manages to keep things so tense and eerie that the true realities that come to light are even more gruesome and terrifying than what we all might have first thought...

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Written by James Metcalfe

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